February 28, 2019
Lupita Nyong'o Is The Frontrunner For The New Bond Girl

According to Deadline, Lupita Nyong'o is the latest name attached to the upcoming James Bond 25. She's reportedly being sought out for the female lead in the film. Casting for Bond 25 is currently underway, with fellow Oscar winner Rami Malek in talks to play the villain opposite Daniel Craig.

Nyong'o is coming off of the three-time Oscar-winning Marvel film Black Panther. She's also set to star in Jordan Peele's highly anticipated follow-up to Get Out, the horror film Us. Two trailers for the film have been released so far, with one premiering during the Super Bowl. Nyong'o features alongside Winston Duke as a wife and husband whose wholesome family vacation goes very wrong.

The actress will also appear in the dark comedy Little Monsters, as Miss Caroline. The film was recently the center of a fierce seven-figure bidding war with NEON and Hulu obtaining joint rights to distribute the film.

The movie, which premiered at Sundance to positive reviews, is being described as Zombieland meets Kindergarten Cop, according to Deadline. In the film, a directionless man named Dave (Alexander England) is getting over a breakup. He jumps at the opportunity to chaperone a school trip with, and possibly impress, teacher Miss Caroline. Things take an absurdly dangerous turn when the group collides with a horde of zombies originating from an experiment at a nearby military base. Nyong'o has received praise for her role as the kindergarten teacher, as she reportedly got to stretch her comedic chops with scenes where she played ukulele covers of Taylor Swift songs.

Josh Gad, who plays a bitter Wiggles-like kids TV star in the film, had this to say about her performance. "The thing that is so refreshing while watching this movie, and angering, is that Lupita can literally do anything. It upsets me because I can do almost nothing. But, the revelation of the movie, is this presence of Lupita coming in and doing a completely different character from what we've ever seen her do."

Additionally, Nyong'o will star in FilmNation's all-female global spy thriller 355, which has sold out internationally, with a string of multi-million dollar deals. The movie will also star Jessica Chastain, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, and Fan Bingbing. The film is based on a concept by Chastain to launch a franchise around the idea of a Bourne Identity-type thriller revolving around five talented secret agents from countries around the world. They must overcome suspicions and political differences to form a spy sisterhood to defeat a common enemy.

James Bond 25 is set to release April 8, 2020