Selena Gomez’s Friends Are Concerned With Her Flirtatious Relationship With Zac Efron

Lately, Zac Efron and Selena Gomez have been getting increasingly more flirtatious. Gomez’s friends don’t approve of what the star might be thinking about Efron and hope the two don’t jump into a romance. However, Efron’s friends have also shown concern about Gomez. The anxiety over any potential romance between Efron and Gomez lies with the fact that both celebrities have been to rehab, causing friends and family some concern about their connection.

Efron and Gomez’s friendship initially developed over Instagram. Efron followed Gomez on Instagram earlier this month. Since the two started connecting on social media, their words and interactions have become more flirtatious. Recently, that flirtation spilled over into the real world, moving beyond just the realm of social media. Friends of both Efron and Gomez claim that the two stars seem to be going closer lately.

Prior to Efron’s decision to follow Gomez on social media, the two had met and did know each other as co-workers. Gomez met Efron in 2015 when the two both starred in Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, and they were friendly on the set. However, their interactions as co-stars at the time remained simply that, and the two remained work acquaintances only once filming ended.

“A lot of people think their chemistry is a recipe for disaster,” according to Celeb News Network.

“Both of them tend to go off the rails when they’re not living a fully focused, hyper-regimented lifestyle with a team of helpers keeping them on track.”

While it appears that Efron and Gomez are having fun while reconnecting, the real fear is that allowing them to pair up may cause them to lose hold of the success they’ve both worked so hard to create. While both Efron and Gomez have sought treatment in the past to help them with different issues, it’s quite possible a relationship between the two could still be successful.

“There’s definitely an attraction,” an insider said of Efron and Gomez, according to Celeb News Network.“[The duo has] been hanging out and talking.”

For his part, Efron has gone through two different rehab stints for abusing several different drugs, including Adderall, cocaine, alcohol, and oxycodone. Back in 2014, he brought a sober coach with him to attend the awards’ show and ditched the after-parties. Gomez, on the other hand, has struggled with anxiety and depression, which has put her in rehab several times. Her last stay in rehab happened back in October when she sought treatment at a psychiatric facility. Once her last stint ended, she started taking steps to better handle her issues. She now goes to therapy, sees a psychiatrist, and is focused on being active.

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