Reality Steve Updates ‘Bachelor’ Fans With Spoilers On Colton Underwood’s Status With His Final Pick

The Bachelor fans are buzzing after Monday night’s hometown dates with Colton Underwood aired. Things got intense during Episode 8, and spoilers suggest that things will get even more crazy heading into the final moments of the season. Everybody connected with the show has played coy in confirming anything about how this journey ends — other than to say that things get wild. However, spoiler king Reality Steve has dished out details on what he says happens, and he’s sharing a bit of an update in his latest post.

The Inquisitr has previously shared details breaking down Reality Steve’s spoilers about Colton’s ending. So far, everything significant that the gossip king has revealed has panned out to be accurate. He has added some scoop here and there, but after some initial revisions right as the premiere started, his Bachelor spoilers have been consistent.

Despite that, Colton recently did his best to throw doubt on Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers. The Inquisitr shared that Underwood claimed during a chat with former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe on her podcast that these teasers floating around are incorrect in some significant way.

While Underwood continues to hold back in saying much about how his season ends, Reality Steve is sharing another update of sorts in his latest blog post. He points out that nothing he’s previously spoiled has been wrong — and he adds that he doesn’t know why Colton has been trying to cast doubt on the Bachelor teasers.

Reality Steve insists that Underwood chooses contestant Cassie Randolph and his new post shares that “Colton is still with Cassie and they are not engaged.”

“Only two weeks left to find out, but put it this way, I’m not the least bit worried. Anyone thinking that maybe he ends up with Tayshia or Hannah in the end, well, I don’t know what to tell you other than unless you have access to my emails, my text messages, or listen in on my phone calls, you’d realize that there’s zero chance that’s the case. He’s dating Cassie and they aren’t engaged. That spoiler hasn’t changed since Jan. 2nd when I posted it.”

While Underwood continues to keep specifics to himself, a recent tweet of his seems to hint that there is eventually a happy ending coming for Bachelor fans. When an ABC executive teased that Monday’s show had a domino falling — one that set up a chain reaction for the rest of what’s ahead — Colton tweeted that he stuck the landing.

Fans are increasingly opinionated about how Colton is handling his journey to find love. In addition, as The Inquisitr detailed earlier, they’ve had a lot to say about Cassie’s growing reservations. The Bachelor spoilers hint that all of that drama from the Randolph family hometown date will indeed start a line of dominoes falling, and fans cannot wait to see what Colton and Cassie have to say during the finale.

Will Reality Steve’s spoilers continue to be accurate — meaning that Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph are dating but are not engaged? So far, other than Colton’s recent tease, there aren’t any substantial signs pinning down a different ending of any sort. The truth will be revealed on Tuesday, March 12, and viewers are anxious to see how the rest of the season comes together.