‘The Bachelor’ Fans Blast Cassie Randolph As She Admits She’s Not Ready To Be Colton Underwood’s Bride

Bachelor fans are starting to wonder if Cassie Randolph signed on to ABC reality show for the right reasons. The California beauty, who is a frontrunner on Colton Underwood’s season of the rose-filled reality show, admitted during this week’s hometown dates that she is “not sure” yet when it comes to the possibility of accepting a proposal from the former NFL player.

Cassie Randolph stunned Bachelor fans during conversations with her dad and her sister during a stopover in her Huntington Beach hometown. Randolph admitted that while she has feelings for Colton, she has not yet told him that she is in love with him — and she hinted that she is far from thinking about an engagement.

In addition, Cassie’s father, Matt, didn’t give Colton his blessing to propose to his daughter, saying it feels “premature.”

“He’s still dating three other girls. I just want a little reality check,” Cassie’s dad said about Colton, according to Refinery 29. “[Marriage is] just something you don’t jump into. How can you be sure after that short of time?… You’re 23. You have your whole life ahead of you, and you don’t have to rush into anything.”

Cassie Randolph told her father that she’s not “stupid,” and promised she would never accept a proposal from Colton if she feels she’s not ready. The whole exchange threw Bachelor Nation into a frenzy. After Cassie posted an Instagram photo from her surfing date with Colton, fans blasted her in the comments section for being so indecisive, particularly when Colton has made it clear all along that he is looking for a bride.


“Based on what I’ve watched I reeeeeally don’t understand why Colton is like obsessed with you,” one Bachelor fan wrote to Cassie.

“Have you watched the bachelor before?” a confused commenter asked Cassie. “If you weren’t ready to get married then why go on it?… I’m not sure why Colton would choose you when 3 other women are so into him, you don’t seem to reciprocate his feelings. ”

Another fan bluntly wrote, “I wish you had been honest with him. Only mean girls do what you did.”

Many other Bachelor fans noted that, at age 23, Cassie Randolph still has “a lot of growing up to do” — and that she should have quit the show by this point if she’s not ready for an engagement. And others agreed that Kirpa Sudick — who was sent home last week after insinuating that Cassie was not ready for marriage and was more interested in being the next Bachelorette— was right all along.


Cassie Randolph had a very difficult week before she headed to her hometown with Colton. Both Cassie and Caelynn Miller-Keyes were named by contestants Tayshia Adams and Kirpa Sudick as not being ready for marriage, and as possibly looking for fame.

And now that Cassie’s protective dad is definitely not on board with a premature proposal from Colton, their relationship seems doomed. In fact, for Cassie Randolph, family appears to come first. On Cassie’s bio for ABC, it states, “The one thing she wouldn’t do for love is turn her back on her family.”


The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.