Oscar Attendees At Four Seasons Are Gifted Axe-Throwing Experience With An Open Bar

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

A luxury axe-throwing experience on a VIP range with an open bar might sound over the top, but it’s one of the gift items in the in-suite Oscar gift bag for nominees, presenters, and attendees staying at the Four Seasons Los Angeles Beverly Hills.

The Hollywood Reporter shares the details about the $13,500 gift certificate from Kick Axe Brooklyn that is a top item for recipients of the prized gift bag.

The gift certificate entitles the user to come to the Brooklyn location and receive private lessons from “ax-perts” to show them a new and different way to work out frustrations now that the awards show season has come to an end, and by the way, they can bring up to 100 of their closest friends.

Kick Axe founder and owner Ginger Flesher-Sonnier explains that she tried to think of what she could offer a group of people who have been there, done that.

“Wouldn’t it fun to have a full buyout of our venue, with open bar and catering, where a celeb could bring one friend or 100 friends?”

But drinking and axes sounds a bit risky, right?

Well, Flesher-Sonnier has a fix for that, too, as everyone will have an ax-pert to make sure they are OK to throw an ax after imbibing.

“We take safety seriously so we have a lot of protocol in place, and there’s always an ax-pert with you to make sure that you’re not intoxicated and that you’re throwing safely.”

And though the bar is open, you cannot take any drinks onto the range.

Enthusiasts say that it’s best to think of the sport as a higher energy version of darts with the same kind of stress relief. And the range already has celebrity enthusiasts like Oscar winner Holly Hunter, and actors Karen Gillan, Jack Falahee, Christine Baranski, and celebrity chef and host, Anne Burrell.

The venue is one part hunting lodge, one part and one part gym with the feeling that you are no longer in Brooklyn, and certainly not in a warehouse.

While Flesher-Sonnier hopes that all of the gift bag recipients will take advantage of the gift certificate, she is hoping that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper of A Star Is Born combine their gifts and have a big party with friends and family at Kick Axe Brooklyn.

For the rest of us, reservations at the range start at $35 per person for a 75-minute time slot on the range.