Constance Nunes Flaunts Curvy Backside In Leopard-Print Bathing Suit

Constance Nunes just added another sexy snap to her Instagram profile to celebrate the weekend. The car restorer and model encourages her followers to “get wild” in the caption of the photo, and it fits the theme of the photo perfectly as the Portuguese princess is pictured modeling the always-in-style leopard print. The Car Masters: Rust to Riches star is seen standing in a stark white room, with a leg perched up on an equally white box. The pose expertly showcases her long, toned legs. Her body is facing away, which put her toned backside on full display, but she is facing the camera over her shoulder so followers can still see her smoky eyes. Her long black hair is perfectly blown-out behind her.

Nunes is rocking a skimpy leopard-print one-piece, with the upper back material cut-out and the lower-back material just barely covering the most attention-grabbing part of the photo — let’s just say that it’s clear Nunes must keep up with her squats and lunges in her workout routine! The model is also rocking matching leopard-print heeled booties that go up to the ankle. Nunes tags plenty of other Instagram accounts in the caption to give credit to those who contributed to her awesome look. She apparently got her wild jungle attire from Shop Akira, with Donte Mitchell on hair and Kimora Mulan on make-up duty. The photo was also apparently taken by photographer Clif Ellis.

While Nunes is naturally photogenic and it doesn’t appear possible for the model to not look great in front of a camera, the car restorer says that her perfect appearance isn’t always attainable. Her one weakness? Selfies!

“I’m actually really terrible at selfies,” she told Maxim.

“It’s a model trait I didn’t inherit, apparently. Can’t win them all…”

Another surprising thing about Nunes that her pictures don’t show is that she has “cheat days.” It might seem impossible with an always-on-point body like that, but the model insists it’s true.

“I’m totally that person to say I’m busy or working and can’t go out tonight, but really I just want to be at home drinking wine and eating cheat food in a pillow fort I made in my living room,” she admitted.

Cheat days or no, the woman is clearly gorgeous and has an astounding 248,000 Instagram followers to vouch for that. Nunes admits that sometimes she gets cheesy pick-up lines from her followers, but they don’t stand a chance — Nunes got married on February 9, and is officially off the market!

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