Jamie Lee Curtis Slams Celebrities Who Don’t Like To Do Press To Promote Their Films

Everything, including making the press rounds, is all part of the gig that you signed up for as an actor, according to Jamie Lee Curtis.

The actress has been in the business for a long time and definitely knows the Hollywood routine of doing press to promote any upcoming film. And during her Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech at the annual Publicists Awards Luncheon, Page Six shares that Curtis took a jab at her Hollywood counterparts who complain about or just don’t do press to promote their movies, because she thinks that it all comes with the territory.

“I believe in the freedom of the press. I believe that you have the right to ask me whatever question you want to ask me… And it is a dance that we have been doing for a very long time,” the actress told the audience.

“We figure it out, we dance together and it is a mutually beneficial dance because this is show business — this is show-off business. But it is a business, and it is art and commerce coming together and it is a partnership … Anyone who pretends like they disdain that portion of it is full of s**t!”

She also called movie stars who don’t talk to the press unless they have a movie coming out “fraudulent.” The actress called the press junket a “game” and said that she’s proud of the way that she plays it. Curis also talked about her daughters, Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, who are also actors. She says that she has enjoyed watching their different approaches to doing press.

The 60-year-old also gave fans a little hint that she may be teaming up with Halloween producer Jason Blum for a few more projects in the near future. During the speech, she told Blum that she is really looking forward to making more movies with him in the “not-so-distant future.”

Most recently, Curtis made headlines at another press event — the Golden Globes. During her appearance on the red carpet, she was one of the many celebrities who were photobombed by the now infamous Fiji Water Girl. While some celebrities thought that the marketing attempt was clever, the Inquisitr shared that Curtis wasn’t too fond of it.

The Freaky Friday actress took to both her Twitter and her Instagram accounts to slam the “blatant promotion” of Fiji Water with model Kelleth Cuthbert. Jamie said that she actively tried to avoid Cuthbert on the red carpet and said that she didn’t want to be photographed with a product that she didn’t choose to promote.

One thing is for sure — Jamie Lee Curtis always tells it like it is.

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