Olivia Munn Compares Herself to Kris Jenner And Chats About The Shelter Pet Project

Olivia Munn, known for being an ardent dog lover, recently partnered with Shelter Pet Project to help promote pet adoption. Munn has adopted two shelter dogs herself, Chance, who is a trained service dog, and Frankie. Munn adores her pets and takes them along with her whenever she can. In fact, they appeared with her in her recent spot for Shelter Pet Project.

“I’m like the Kris Jenner of dog moms,” Munn said, according to Extra. “I am so proud of them. We got, like, billboards everywhere. I’m like, ‘Guys, this is it.'”

Munn admits that she showers her dogs with attention, especially on special holidays. Every Christmas, her dogs each get a stocking full of gifts, and this past Valentine’s day, she purchased them some toys and special cookies, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

When the offer arose for her to become an ambassador of the Shelter Pet Project, Munn jumped at the opportunity. The Shelter Pet Project asked her to appear in their #AdoptPureLove campaign with other celebrities like Rachel Bloom and football pro Logan Ryan. Munn felt honored to be a part of something that would help shelter pets find loving homes.

“This was so important to me because my dogs, Chance and Frankie, are shelter dogs and there are so many animals out there in shelters that are needing love and waiting… Honestly, the shelter dogs have unique personalities and looks, so for people who like to Instagram their pets, it’s like the best place to find your new family member,” Munn said, according to Extra.

Munn was able to campaign for the Shelter Pet Project using her own adopted shelter dogs, Frankie and Chance. Her ad shows her dogs’ very different personalities, her adoration of her pups, and their everyday lives together at Munn’s home. Munn’s love for her pups comes across clearly through her tender actions, like creating dog treats from scratch, cooking them special meals, and even making a special type of water for Chance to help the vomiting he often experiences due to his esophagus.

Munn’s love for her dogs helps fuel her passion for the Shelter Pet Project.

“Right now, there are millions waiting to be adopted,” Munn said, according to the Hollywood Reporter. “Whatever kind of dog you want, whether it’s a super fancy pure breed, a street dog, a hypoallergenic dog, there is a shelter that has those dogs. Or cats. There are so many just waiting for a loving home right now. And when they are adopted, they know that they have been rescued and they have so much gratitude in their hearts.”

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