Lindsey Vonn Says She Has Babies On The Brain Following Retirement Announcement

Olympian Lindsey Vonn is ready to take the next step in her life following her retirement from skiing, the sport that made her famous.

Today, Vonn gave her first official post-retirement interview on the Today Show with Hoda Kotb, per People. Aside from just talking about her retirement, Vonn opened up a little bit about her personal life and her dreams to start a family in the near future. As fans know, Vonn is dating NHL star P.K. Subban and since she's 34-years-old, she knows that time isn't exactly on her side.

"We have to plan it out, but I mean, I'm 34, so we're thinking about it," Vonn told Kotb.

Vonn was also quick to sing Subban's praises over how supportive he has been of her storied career, something that she is really appreciative of. After she announced her retirement and then won the bronze medal at the women's downhill at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Are, Sweden, Subban decorated their home to celebrate her retirement and accomplishments.

"He celebrates my career as much as I do and he's such a great athlete himself that it means so much coming from him."
Of course, during the interview, Vonn also talked about how she has had a little bit of trouble adjusting to retirement. Since she has been skiing so long and going through intense training, the former Olympian said that it's been kind of weird waking up in the morning and not having anywhere that she has to go.
"I've been doing this for 20 years and to wake up and suddenly not have that is really weird," Vonn said. "I have not adapted at all. I'm kind of losing my mind already and it's only been a week."

Lindsey also pointed out that skiing has been a part of her life since she was just 2-years-old and she really hopes that people remember her not just for her impressive 82 career wins but for more meaningful reasons as well.

"I hope that the mountains remember me," the skier shared.

As The Inquisitr reported a few weeks ago, Vonn shocked fans by announcing that she would be retiring from the sport that she loves in a lengthy Instagram post. After undergoing surgery last spring, she began to feel better than she had in a long time. However, she faced another setback when she crashed in Copper Mountain, Colorado, this past November and injured her knee.

Vonn said that it was really hard for her to try and bounce back from that injury and her body was telling her to stop because it just couldn't handle any more skiing. To end the post, Vonn added that retiring from skiing isn't the thing that upsets her the most – it's the fact that she didn't reach all of the goals that she wanted to.

What a competitor.