‘The Masked Singer’: Joey Fatone Offers Hint To Help Identify The Bee, The Peacock, And The Monster

Two more identities were revealed on last night’s episode of Fox’s hit singing competition series The Masked Singer, exposing Rumer Willis to be the Lion, while The Rabbit was unveiled as former boybander Joey Fatone. This leaves three characters left — The Bee, The Peacock, and The Monster, one of which will be crowned the first-ever champion of the show during next week’s finale.

While some fans may have already determined one or even all of the remaining competitors’ identities, Joey offered a hint to those that are still stumped on how to figure out who may be underneath the masks during a recent interview with People.

“Listen sometimes to the music that goes on,” he revealed, noting that in the background of one episode was a Greek tune from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which he had a role in.

“Not only is it just what people say, it’s the visuals of everything around the room that’s inside it,” he explained. “Sometimes the actions of what they do and then also it’s the music behind it.”

Joey continued, praising the show’s “ingenious” strategy that incorporates a number of little clues while also working to throw sleuthy fans off the trail of the competitors’ identities.

Joey was eliminated from the show on Wednesday, February 20, after eight weeks of performances, finishing his time on the competition with a cover of “My Girl” by The Temptations, which he explained was in part a tribute to his father, who he used to sing the tune with when he was younger.

And despite being unmasked, the 42-year-old admitted he felt a sense of relief that his tenure on the show has come to an end.

“I’m happy I don’t have to lie to people to their faces when they ask me anymore,” he explained. “The weight has been lifted off my shoulders now.”

As previously noted by the Inquisitr, members of the judges’ panel were still somewhat questionable about the man under The Rabbit’s mask, with Jenny McCarthy even speculating it could be her own husband, New Kids On The Block member Donny Wahlberg. Meanwhile, People noted that may fans were quickly able to determine Joey’s identity well before his unmasking, including a few of his fellow NSYNC co-members.

The singer told the publication that both Nick Lachey and Lance Bass questioned him about his participation in the show, and while he “brushed off” Nick’s acquisitions, Bass was confident that The Rabbit was his long-time pal right away.

“Lance talked about it and I just kind of kept it quiet a little bit,” Joey explained. “But the minute the second episode aired he goes, ‘Dude, I know it’s you.'”

After seven years performing together and decades-long friendships, it should come as no surprise the former boy band members were spot on with their guesses.

“They know exactly my voice, my tone and everything,” the Common Knowledge host said.

A previous report from the Inquisitr revealed that the smash series was recently picked up for a second season by Fox, and Joey thinks it would be well worth it for some of the other stars of NSYNC to try their hand at the competition.

The two-hour season finale for The Masked Singer airs next Wednesday, February 27, on Fox at 9 p.m. ET.

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