Stephen Colbert Strikes Up The 'Late Show' Band With Jazz Star Jon Batiste

Stephen Colbert has picked his new band leader for the Late Show. Colbert chose Jon Batiste, a well-known, New Orleans-bred, New York-based jazz musician and showman who's made a name for himself with his band, Stay Human, and with his own appearances. Colbert is a big fan of Batiste's feel-good show.

"His music makes the audience feel so good, we may have to install a 'Do Not Make Love' sign," Colbert said.

Stephen was referring to the time Jon and his band took the show to the Lower East Side streets of New York for an impromptu parade. YouTube user Aine Rose Campbell posted a video and called it a "mini love riot."

"Jon Batiste and Stay Human marched through the Lower East Side and caused a Love Riot street party!"

That was the year that Batiste's tune "Social Music" hit No. 1 on the Billboard Jazz Album Chart. Since then Jon has become known for his signature love riot street parades, bringing music to the people and people to the music. Looks like Jon is ready for some more late show love.

"This is a match made in heaven," Batiste said. "Get ready for a love riot in late night."

TVLine posted a video of Stephen Colbert introducing Jon Batiste as the new Late Show band host.

"I like this guy," says Stephen, before picking up a sugary beignet and munching, while Jon and his band make some love riot social music.

Twitter is excited about the announcement. Andy Kim said, "I couldn't be more excited for the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Wait no... now that I've learned about Jon…," and Twitter user Eric Southard says Jon Batiste is "the real deal."

Jon himself is showing some excitement about his new Late Show gig too.Jon is well-qualified for just about any show, late or early. He started his music studies at the Juilliard School and holds both a bachelors and masters degree in music from the elite school. As a child, he played shows with his family's band in New Orleans, starting out as a drummer before switching over to piano and keys at 11-years-old.

He's known for his love riot street performances, but is also the Artistic Director At Large of the National Jazz Museum in Harlem. Jon has even dipped into acting, with a recent role in Red Hook Summer, directed by Spike Lee.

With Stephen Colbert and Jon Batiste taking the lead together on the Late Show, late nights promise to be a riot that everyone will love.

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