Alice Cooper Believes Johnny Depp Could Play Him In A Biopic ‘If He Was Just A Little Better Looking’

Johnny Depp may not be the pin-up heartthrob he once was in his prime, but surely his looks haven’t become that ravaged that he’d be unsuitable to play Alice Cooper in a biopic of the heavy metal heavyweight?

Apparently so. In an interview with NME, Cooper said Depp would be a great choice to play him in a biopic of his life but there’s a caveat.

“If he were just a little better looking.”

Of course, Cooper was making a joke. Obviously, he’d be delighted for his Hollywood Vampire bandmate to portray him in any forthcoming biopic on the life and times of Mr. Cooper. Something which, with the trend for music biopics such as Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and Elton John’s Rocketman, Cooper feels is a distinct possibility.

The veteran rocker explained, “There’s so many good tales in the Alice Cooper story. We were the band nobody liked. We were the band that never had a chance to make it. But the fact we were the biggest underdog of all time to actually make it commercially in this business and keep it going – that story right there is amazing.”

Reflecting on his career, Cooper believes it’s a lot harder to shock modern audiences who live in a world where Donald Trump is the president, Bill Cosby is a rapist, and Bruce Jenner is a woman. Cooper asks, in such a reality, how is he going to shock an audience? He admits the best he can hope for is to give the punters a fun time.

Turning his attention to the forthcoming Hollywood Vampires album, Cooper confessed that a lot of the lyrics were written by Johnny Depp and are quite venomous because of the personal turmoil the Hollywood star has recently endured.

Cooper explained, “Almost everything I read about Johnny Depp was absolutely untrue.”

The singer went on to explain how when he was on tour with him, he couldn’t believe the stuff he was reading in the papers about Depp being a penniless and anorexic drug addict/alcoholic.

Cooper said at the time Depp was never looking or playing better and added, “He’s laughing all the time. Just the opposite of what you’re reading is what was going on.”

Cooper added that Depp relished the opportunity to write lyrics for the forthcoming Hollywood Vampires album because, “Being in a band is, I think, more expressive for him than doing movies. When you’re in rock ‘n’ roll, you can bring your personal life and problems right to the stage – and you can bring your anger to the stage.”

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