Amazon Fires ‘Neo-Nazi Guards’

Amazon has fired the security team described by seasonal workers as “neo-Nazi guards.”

An Amazon spokesperson in Germany has confirmed that the company has severed ties with Hensel European Security Services (HESS). According to Business Insider, the security firm allegedly supplied guards who many believe had connections with the neo-Nazi movement.

The company said in a statement:

“Amazon has a zero tolerance limit for discrimination and intimidation and expects the same of other companies we work with.”

ARD in Germany recently aired a documentary which featured several foreign workers complaining about the way they were treated by guards. Employees said also some guards had connections to neo-Nazis. In addition to wearing uniforms popular with those involved with the movement, the security company’s initials spell out the name of Nazi politician Rudolf Hess.

According to Sky News, a HESS spokesperson explained the company does not employ so-called neo-Nazi guards. The rep added that the company did not support or endorse any far-right views.

Although HESS denies any wrongdoing, German employment minister Ursula von der Leyen said she wanted to launch a full investigation into the matter.

She explained:

“There is a strong suspicion here, which is why we need to lay all the facts on the table. If the investigation shows there is something to the accusations against the temporary placement agency then its license is at risk.”

The neo-Nazi guard allegations weren’t the only unsavory topics discussed in the recent documentary. Amazon has been accused of not paying foreign workers the wages they were promised. Instead of direct employment with the retail giant, some employees explained they were sent to staffing agencies.

One representative for a German trade union said that he had received quite a few complaints from temporary workers about Amazon during the holiday season.

How do you feel about Amazon firing neo-Nazi guards accused of mistreating seasonal staff?