Karl Lagerfeld's Wishes To Be Laid To Rest Without A Funeral Will Be Honored

Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld has passed away at 85-years-old. Celebrities took to social media to express their condolences to a man who played a huge part in their careers. Lagerfeld inspired many well-known models from Cara Delevingne to Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian. Prior to his death, Lagerfeld left behind very specific instructions as to how he wanted to be laid to rest. Although the fashion designer enjoyed a life of luxury and sophistication, he didn't want a fancy funeral ceremony. After hearing of other celebrity funerals that included throngs of people gathered in the streets, Lagerfeld decided he wanted no such spectacle. Chanel has recently announced that Lagerfeld's wishes to be cremated without a ceremony will be honored, according to E! News.

In a 2018 interview, the fashion icon revealed he had already gotten his affairs in order in preparation for his death. He wanted to be cremated and have his ashes combined with those of his mother's. He also wanted his ashes to be dispersed with his beloved 7-year-old cat, Choupette. However, as the cat is still alive, this is one wish that won't be possible to fulfill.

Lagerfeld had accumulated a massive fortune as a result of his fashion empire. Fans were curious to hear who the recipient would be of all that cash. He had already revealed that Choupette was named an heiress of his fortune. No one is quite sure what a cat is going to do with millions of dollars. Nevertheless, Choupette is guaranteed to live out the rest of her feline days in absolute luxury.

While many have spoken out about the difference that Lagerfeld made shaping high fashion into what it is today, not everyone feels that he should be so highly honored. Actress Jameela Jamil had some less positive things to say about the icon in wake of his death.
"I'm glad somebody said it. Even if it is a little soon. A ruthless, fat-phobic misogynist shouldn't be posted all over the internet as a saint gone-too-soon."
Fans were shocked to see Jamil speaking so harshly about Lagerfeld so soon after his death. Cara Delevingne was especially taken aback by the comments and fired back.
"It saddens me deeply that anyone was hurt, that I do not condone. It is not possible to go through life without hurting people. He was not a saint, he is a human being like all of us who made mistakes and we should all have the chance to be forgiven for that."