Colton Underwood Asks ‘Bachelor’ Fans To Stop Bashing Tayshia Adams & Kirpa Sudick Online

Bachelor fans are lashing out at two contestants after this week’s dramatic episode of the ABC reality show. After Colton Underwood received warnings from now-eliminated contestants Sydney, Demi, and Katie that some of the women aren’t on the show for the right reasons, he turned to frontrunner Tayshia Adams, who was more than willing to give him her side of the scoop.

Tayshia threw Cassie Randolph and Caelynn Miller-Keyes under the bus.

“They’re already talking about being the next Bachelorette.

She also added that the two women said they didn’t think they would be ready for an engagement at the end of The Bachelor.

After Colton later confronted Caelynn about the story, she told Cassie about it and then faced off with Tayshia. In a heated exchange, Tayshia later admitted that the other women came to the “conclusion” that Cassie and Caelynn weren’t ready for a proposal.

“To be quite honest the only two people that acted defensively… and were worried about (Katie’s) conversation were you and Cassie,” Tayshia told Caelynn, per USA Today.

While Tayshia’s pal Kirpa Sudick backed her side of the story, Colton Underwood later noted the whole things was a “she said, she said.”

After the episode aired, outraged Bachelor fans began bashing Tayshia Adams and Kirpa Sudick via comments on their social media pages. The ABC reality stars were called names like “psychotic” and “catty.”

One viewer, in particular, slammed the duo.

“I hope u boil in that put you just stirred.”

After one concerned fan alerted Colton Underwood to the social media drama, The Bachelor star took to Twitter to ask viewers to stop the online hate against Tayshia and Kirpa.

“This is never okay,” Underwood wrote of screenshots of the hateful comments. “Please remember that these are incredible women that put themselves out there on a TV show. They aren’t characters or actors playing a role. We don’t need any more hate in this world.”

While Tayshia Adams will move on to the hometown dates, Kirpa Sudick was sent home this week on The Bachelor. But did she sign on to the show for the right reasons to begin with? In an interview with Glamour, Kirpa said her dream scenario was to make it to the end of the show and become engaged to Colton. But she didn’t initially sign on to The Bachelor knowing that the former NFL star would be ABC’s leading man.

“I didn’t really have anyone in mind [during the process of who it would be],” Kirpa admitted to Glamour. “I was excited to meet him and see if we had a connection.”

As for Tayshia Adams, her motivations to do the show also recently came into question. As previously shared by the Inquisitr, Tayshia was in a serious relationship with boyfriend Chase Olswang and was reportedly planning a future engagement with him until right before she left to film The Bachelor last fall. The story calls Adams’ decision to do the ABC reality show and readiness to get engaged to Colton Underwood seriously into question, but for now, Bachelor fans are more upset about her and Kirpa throwing Cassie and Caelynn under the bus.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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