WWE News: Multiple NXT Superstars Spotted Backstage At ‘Monday Night Raw’ – Is An Invasion Coming?

With a little over an hour until this evening’s episode of Monday Night Raw, a strange update came across the WWE mobile app. It alerted everyone that multiple NXT superstars were seen backstage for tonight’s Raw, but it didn’t say much more than that. No other information was given and WWE simply left it at that to help build up the suspense, but is there an invasion angle of some kind being built up?

The actual message on WWE’s official mobile app stated:

“Breaking: NXT Superstars Aleister Black, Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa, and Ricochet spotted backstage before Raw.”

Making matters even more interesting is that WWE took to its official Twitter account to let fans know that the NXT superstars were backstage too. In the photos, Black is seen off by himself while #DIY is shown speaking with Heavy Machinery as Ricochet is talking to Finn Balor.

It’s a rather odd situation as WWE came out and publicly revealed that these superstars are backstage, and that’s not something they’ve done much in the past. As seen with the Dean Ambrose situation, though, the company has been spreading their own information before Internet leaks and rumors get out on their own.

As soon as the announcement went out on WWE’s mobile app and on their official social media accounts, numerous fans started speculating. It’s hard to understand why NXT superstars would be backstage at Raw unless they were being called up to the main roster, but two of them – Gargano and Ciampa – are current champions.

Fans began speculating that this may end up leading to some kind of “invasion angle” by NXT superstars on WWE’s main roster.


That comment about “thinking outside the box” is something that had been reported by WrestleVotes earlier in the day. It appears as if Monday Night Raw was still not finalized and that the show was being put together and rewritten just hours prior to start time.

Some believe that the four NXT superstars shown by WWE are only the beginning and that there could be more involved in this possible angle.


The next WWE Superstar Shake-Up is scheduled for mid-April and the promotion has confirmed that it will happen. It’s going to take place after WrestleMania 35 which means some new champions may end up moving around, and that is usually when some NXT call-ups happen.

By the end of the evening, the NXT superstars may never even appear on camera and do anything on Monday Night Raw. It’s not uncommon for members of the rosters to be seen backstage, but it is strange for WWE to make such a big deal about it and announce their appearance as “breaking” news. Could Tommaso Ciampa, Aleister Black, Ricochet, and Johnny Gargano be part of the N(e)XT invasion?

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