WWE Rumors: WWE Preparing For Longtime Employee To Move Out Of Current Position

In the world of professional wrestling, there comes a moment when it’s simply time for a superstar to step aside and to hang up their boots. That is likely the truth for anyone and everyone in WWE — even if they’re not in-ring competitors who put their bodies on the line almost nightly. Rumor has it that WWE is actually making preparations for a longtime employee to move out of their current position, which means Michael Cole’s time in the booth may be limited.

There is speculation flying around that WWE is actually getting things in order, preparing for the day that Michael Cole steps out from behind the announce table. It’s not yet known if this change is happening anytime soon, or whether it’s planned for a few years in the future. Either way, the company is already getting ready for it to happen.

Currently, Cole is the lead announcer for WWE, and heads the team on Monday Night Raw alongside Corey Graves and Renee Young. According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of BodySlam, the company is actually working on moving him out of his position.

“Probably not that long, honestly. That’s why they’re hiring so many announcers to… I guess Tom Phillips will probably get the job, so then people — I don’t want to say they’ll wish for Michael Cole, but they probably wouldn’t like Tom Phillips in that spot either.”

Despite hiring a number of new announcers, it appears as if Tom Phillips will be Michael Cole’s successor — and that may not go over too well with some fans.

Michael Cole joined WWE back in 1997, which is when he started doing video voiceovers and some other promotional work. He eventually became the host of WWE LiveWire — and would then work as a backstage interviewer before landing at the announcer’s desk.

Over the years, he has been the lead announcer on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live while working on pay-per-views as well.

For now, this news must taken as a rumor. It’s hard to know what will or won’t actually happen in WWE until it actually takes place. Michael Cole leads the team on Raw and is a part of all pay-per-views in one way or another, and so a move away from this may seem a drastic change of affairs.

All wrestling fans know that things need to change — and that there will be a day when Michael Cole is no longer calling WWE action on Raw, or indeed anywhere. Still, it’s kind of interesting to think that he may end up exiting the announce booth sooner rather than later, and he’s only 50 years old.

Cole may end up moving into a backstage or an executive role in the company, but time will only tell if — and when — this may happen.

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