'General Hospital' Teases That Maxie Is About To Bust Valentin And Sasha

General Hospital fans think that Maxie would make a great PI, or perhaps the new Port Charles police commissioner. In just a couple of episodes, she has managed to figure out that Sasha is a fake, not Nina's real daughter. She is worried that Nina is getting somehow duped by Valentin once again. She knew that something was just not right and it looks like she is about to bust the Cassadine right out of the water.

Friday's episode of General Hospital had Maxie and Peter sitting down at the MetroCourt putting their heads together to solve a mystery. It seems that Maxie talked her way right into putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together. She finally realized that Valentin would do anything for Nina in order to get her back in his life. She also knows that the one thing that Nina wanted most of all was to have her own child. Along came Sasha out of the blue, thanks to Valentin and Curtis. Soap Central indicates that the truth will come out very soon on all that Valentin has done. That also means Sasha will be in hot water as well.

Maxie, with a little help from Peter, finally came to the conclusion that Valentin must have set this whole plan in motion to win Nina back. She also figured out that Sasha has to be in on it. Now she is determined to bust the whole thing before Nina marries Valentin again. She doesn't want to see her sister-in-law get hurt. But first, Maxie wants to run her own DNA test on Sasha to prove that she isn't Nina's daughter.

The week of February 18 will have more of this continued drama going on. Maxie had an idea to meet with Sasha to get a pedicure together so she can somehow get the sample that she needs for proof. Sasha may get suspicious about their outing. She has been on high alert lately. There is a possibility that she may come clean with Nina before any more people find out the truth.

Valentin will not be too happy to learn that Maxie is meddling in his business. This could get ugly. Peter certainly won't take it lightly if Valentin starts threatening Maxie.

This coming week will also see more of Charlotte Cassadine. She and Nina are throwing a welcome home party for Lulu on Monday. Unfortunately, it may just backfire. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.