February 16, 2019
Lisa Vanderpump Reveals Dorit Kemsley Adopted More Than One Dog From Vanderpump Dogs

Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley are currently at odds after someone leaked a story regarding a dog Kemsley and her family adopted from Vanderpump Dogs last year. However, according to a new report, there's much more to the story than fans had previously heard about.

After Vanderpump was seen strangely assuring Kemsley and her husband, PK, that she wasn't upset that they had chosen another home for the dog -- which they did after PK was viciously bitten by the animal in the face -- All About the Real Housewives reported the chihuahua wasn't the only dog they adopted.

According to the report, Kemsley adopted two dogs, one of which she gave away and the other who she brought back to Vanderpump Dogs. After someone shared the information publicly, Vanderpump confirmed the report was true to a curious fan.

"Is it true Dorit adopted two puppies, the first one she returned to Vanderpump Dogs and the second one she gave away?" the fan asked.

"Yes," Vanderpump replied on Twitter.

In September of last year, a report from Radar Online claimed Kemsley and her family had abandoned her poor chihuahua at an animal shelter in Los Angeles, and that Vanderpump was quite upset about her doing so. Then, a short time later, a source explained to People magazine that she hadn't actually abandoned the animal. Instead, after the chihuahua began biting her family members, Kemsley decided to give the dog to another woman she believed would provide the dog with a good home. Sadly, the woman instead dropped the dog off at a shelter, where it was later chipped and returned to Vanderpump Dogs.

A short time after Vanderpump was accused of leaking the story to Radar Online -- even though she eventually spoke to Kemsley and told her she was not upset, explaining that she understood why she couldn't have the dog around her family -- she told another outlet that Kemsley did not abandon the dog.

"She did not give it to a shelter; I'm gonna set the record straight with that, that's not true at all," Vanderpump told TMZ. "She gave it to somebody who really wanted the dog, who assured her it was going to a loving home, and that's what Dorit thought. She would not drop the dog off at a shelter."

Despite Vanderpump's comments to TMZ, many believe it was her who leaked the story to Radar Online before attempting to play peacemaker publicly.