‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Laura’s Digging, But Ryan’s Not Easy To Fool

Friday’s episode of General Hospital had some great moments in it, and spoilers tease that Monday’s show is not to be missed. Fans have been frustrated with the pacing of the Ryan storyline lately, and it appears that the week of February 18 will really shake things up on this front.

Warning: Do not continue reading if you have not watched Friday’s episode!

General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s show had indicated that something would spark some curiosity from Laura. The tidbit about the supposed pre-nuptial agreement between Kevin and Laura had been left lingering for a while, and now it’s finally come into play.

Laura went to visit “Kevin” in his office as Lulu was about to be released from General Hospital, and it was a tense conversation. Ryan was flaunting his relationship with Ava and once the two were alone, Laura mentioned to “Kevin” how it should be easy to wrap up their divorce.

At that point, Ryan mentioned how there was just the outstanding topic of the prenuptial agreement, and luckily, Laura was wise enough to play along and not show her surprise. She quietly made a call to Alexis to ask about this and started to follow “Kevin.”

As the Inquisitr previously shared, General Hospital spoilers have teased that Laura would soon follow Ryan to Ferncliff, and now that’s clearly what’s coming next. Laura will soon learn that the real Kevin is being passed off as a patient at Ferncliff, and this will obviously come as shocking news.

However, Ryan doesn’t let Laura get too far away after discovering the truth. General Hospital spoilers indicate that he takes her hostage, and Ryan will definitely be rushing and scrambling from that point on. Lulu and Spencer were caught off-guard by Laura disappearing on them rather than joining them with Lulu’s release, and that will hopefully be helpful in the days ahead once Laura is truly missing.

She Knows Soaps shares that these intense developments will still take a little while to fully play out. Ryan makes a move of some sort during the show airing on Wednesday, February 20, and he has a surprise for Ava the following day. On Friday, February 22, Ryan will threaten Kevin, and General Hospital spoilers out to the March 1 show hint that Kevin will still be trying to figure out a way out of Ferncliff.

As soon as Genie Francis was brought back to General Hospital as Laura, spoilers had teased that she’d be involved in a couple of major storylines. Fans have speculated all along that Laura would probably be key to uncovering the truth about Ryan taking Kevin’s place, and now it looks like that’s exactly what will happen.

Even with Laura learning the truth, it’ll take some time for everybody else in Port Charles to figure out what’s been happening. Viewers cannot wait to see Maura West tackle the upcoming Ava scenes as she learns who really took Kiki from her, and fans are anxious to see whether Ryan will claim any additional victims before he’s caught.

Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers as they become available to see what’s coming up next for Ryan, Kevin, Laura, and the rest of the characters involved in this twisted storyline.

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