February 15, 2019
Kenny G Shares His Perspective On Kim Kardashian's Valentine's Day Surprise From Kanye West

Kanye West's Valentine's Day gift to Kim Kardashian sent the internet into a frenzy this week. The rapper asked saxophonist Kenny G to visit his house and to surprise Kardashian with a romantic tune. A video that the KKW Beauty founder posted on social media showed Kenny performing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" while being surrounded by dozens of vases filled with single colorful roses. This incident created a buzz about how exactly the two musicians managed to set the scene up. On Friday, Kenny finally provided some answers in an interview with Rolling Stone.

According to Kenny, the gesture was a bit last-minute for him, but he was happy to perform nonetheless. The gig was convenient for the saxophonist because he was already in town, not terribly far away from Kardashian and West's Los Angeles home.

"Really late [Wednesday] night I got a couple of emails, one from a publicist that knows Kanye's manager. He told me that Kanye had requested me to come to the house and serenade Kim in the morning," Kenny said. "I thought, 'That actually sounds really beautiful.'"

The email also explained the scenario -- Kenny would play the saxophone surrounded by roses.

He continued on to explain that songwriter David Foster heard about the request, and further encouraged Kenny to do it.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, many fans who watched Kardashian's footage of the surprise wondered how Kenny escaped the maze of roses without breaking the glass after he had finished his serenade. Chrissy Teigen, a friend of Kardashian's, even chimed in to ask the burning question.

While Kenny didn't quite address the breakdown of the surprise, he did explain how it was set up.

"It was raining in L.A., so I went early just to make sure I wasn't late. They were putting all of this stuff together. I did not see the room completed until literally 20 seconds before I started playing," the musician said.

Once everything was set up, Kenny waited for his signal from West to begin playing before Kardashian entered the room. He explained that the reality star smiled at him, and froze when she saw the surprise -- not really knowing what to do -- before pulling out her phone to record.

"[That] was awesome," he said of her reaction.

Fans on Twitter were also wondering what happened after the performance. Did Kenny pack up and leave -- or did he stick around to spend time with the couple? Kenny revealed that this had been his first time meeting West and Kardashian, but West had been so nice and accommodating that he did stick around to chat. Kenny and West even chatted about a possible collaboration, Entertainment Tonight reported.

"Afterwards, we went over to his studio and I got a chance to hear some of his music and talked again about, maybe there's a possibility of a little sax on a Kanye West record," he explained.

Twitter can now rest easy knowing that Kenny G was not trapped in a sea of roses for too long.