‘The Masked Singer’ Reveals The Identity Of The Alien

Michael BeckerFOX

The Masked Singer has officially revealed the identity of another star. The hit FOX series unmasked the alien in this week’s episode, and the judges were elated to see the famous face behind the elaborate costume.

According to Entertainment Tonight, The Masked Singer is pushing toward next week’s semi-finals with only five performers left after the show unmasked the alien and revealed that none other than Latoya Jackson was under the mask.

Michael Jackson’s sister opened up about her time on the show, revealing that she loved being unknown under the mask after many years of being a member of one of the most famous families of all time.

“I really have to be honest with all of you. The reason I did this is people have a tendency to pre-judge you and they compare you to other people in your family. And I just wanted to do it and see how far I’d go,” Latoya told the panel after being unmasked.

Judge Nicole Scherzinger put all of the clues together and knew it was Latoya when the time came to reveal the alien’s identity. During her time on the show, Jackson dropped clues about her identity such as having multiple siblings, being from Indiana, and more.

While Scherzinger nailed her guess, Robin Thicke agreed with her, also guessing Latoya Jackson. Jenny McCarthy thought that the alien may be Nicole Richie, but ultimately guessed her younger sister, Sofia Richie.

Ken Jeong revealed that he believed the alien was Paula Abdul, while guest panelist, JB Smoove, decided to guess Carmen Electra.

The Masked Singer is in the home stretch now, with many celebrities already being unmasked. “Downtown” Antonio Brown was revealed to be the hippo, Tommy Chong was the pineapple, Terry Bradshaw was the deer, Margaret Cho was announced as the poodle, Tori Spelling revealed herself to be the unicorn, and last week Ricki Lake was unmasked as the raven.

Jackson’s reveal as the alien leaves only five performers left on the show. The rabbit, which many believe to be former ‘N Sync member Joey Fatone, the lion, which fans think could be Rumer Willis, the peacock, who seems to be Donny Osmond, and the monster, who has been the show’s most mysterious and debated singer, which many names from Gucci Mane to Tiger Woods being thrown around. However, the most popular guess seems to be T-Pain.

Fans can watch the semi-finals of The Masked Singer Wednesday night at 9 p.m. on FOX.