'General Hospital' Valentine's Day Spoilers: Carly Teases A Surprise And Fans Suspect She's Pregnant

General Hospital spoilers have been teasing that a surprise pregnancy would be revealed on Valentine's Day, and fans are dying to find out which couple will be expanding their family. There haven't been any telltale clues woven into recent episodes, but some viewers suspect that it might be Carly and Sonny who will be celebrating baby news.

Actress Eden McCoy, who plays Josslyn, has been teasing a big secret via Twitter. A short video clip of McCoy was shared via the General Hospital page, and Eden reshared it via her Twitter page with an extra caption.

The video clip features McCoy saying that she has the "biggest news," and that she's "super excited about it." Eden says that the big news will be revealed later this week, but she adds that executive producer Frank Valentini won't let her share the scoop yet.

When McCoy shared it via her Twitter page, she added that she is "literally bursting" over the wonderful news on the way, and she added a hashtag about "Carly's World" at the end of her post. Then, at the end of Wednesday's episode, the sneak peek for Thursday's episode may have provided another clue. Could the news be that Sonny and Carly are expecting another child?

The preview for Thursday's episode showed a snippet of Sonny and Carly in bed, and he said something about how he likes surprises. Carly smiled and said that was good to know, and the look definitely made it seem that she knows something exciting to surprise him with soon.

There have been rumors floating around that it would be Carly who was pregnant, but there have been other theories, too. Jordan, Elizabeth, Ava, Kim, Nina, and Olivia have all been tossed out as possibilities too.

In fact, few female characters from General Hospital have escaped the rumor mill for this baby news. However, it'd be too soon for Sam to know she was pregnant after reuniting with Jason, and characters like Josslyn, Willow, Kristina, Alexis, and Margaux haven't had any frisky moments in recent weeks.

Now that Mike has been moved to the care facility, Sonny and Carly's lives are pretty quiet. There has always been speculation that Morgan might reappear alive, but nothing has emerged on that front lately. Could a surprise pregnancy spice things up for Sonny and Carly and give them a new storyline?

General Hospital fans don't necessarily seem to be in love with the idea of having Carly be pregnant, and it's definitely a surprising move by the writers. There are a lot of complicated storylines playing out right now, and adding a sudden pregnancy for a couple with teen and adult kids seems a bit odd.

After Wednesday's teaser, it looks like fans across Twitter do seem to think that the General Hospital baby news is about to come from Carly, and it'll be interesting to see where this heads. One way or another, General Hospital spoilers suggest that the answer will become clear during the show airing on Thursday, February 14.