June 11, 2015
Kimbo Slice Vs. Ken Shamrock: Slice Promises Bareknuckle Fight Backstage If Shamrock Were To 'P***y Out'

With the June 19, 2015 date coming up fast for Bellator 138, the insults volleyed between Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock seem to intensify. First, Shamrock claimed he would finish Slice in the first round, stating he'd be disappointed if he didn't. After that, Slice said he's going to "knock Shamrock's a** out!" Summarized, there is no love lost between both MMA competitors ever since their failed fight back in October 4, 2008 for the now-defunct EliteXC.

For those unknowing on this tidbit of MMA history, Kimbo Slice was supposed to fight Ken Shamrock at the main event that night. Shamrock however cut himself during practice just hours before the fight which meant he wouldn't be able to fight in the first place. Seth Petruzelli was called in to become Shamrock's replacement. The thing about Petruzelli however is that he is recognized as a far better MMA fighter than Slice. Because of this fact, Petruzelli defeated Slice by TKO within 14 seconds of the first round (as shown in the video below).

The result of Kimbo Slice losing within 14 seconds was debilitating for EliteXC because they built the bulk of their promotion mostly on Slice. Conspiracies followed after Slice's loss, including one about Seth Petruzelli being paid to "throw the fight" yet refusing to do so. However, the biggest conspiracy is that Ken Shamrock actually had his manager or one of his cornermen cut him intentionally to get out of the fight. Shamrock did this because he wasn't paid more money when he asked. This conspiracy along with Slice's loss at 14 seconds were major reasons why EliteXC went under. Slice however blames Shamrock and he's been holding onto that grudge for the last seven years.

If said conspiracy is true, Kimbo Slice made it clear that if Ken Shamrock were to as he says "p***y out," there will be a repercussion. How will he deliver said repercussion? Slice promises a bareknuckle fistfight with Shamrock in the back.

According to Sherdog, Kimbo Slice was asked to recall the events at EliteXC on that fateful night he lost to Seth Petruzelli, during a conference on Wednesday, June 10, 2015. Slice didn't offer much on that, but he did provide some extremely frank thoughts on what would happen if anything were to happen to Ken Shamrock this time around.

"I just hope that he [Ken Shamrock] f*****g pads his hands up so he can't cut himself, and they keep all the sharp objects away from him. What is he gonna do next time: Shoot himself in the foot? I don't know what Ken's gonna do. I just hope he fights and takes this fight. Who cuts themselves? You do s**t like that when you're scared, when you're afraid. I hope he fights. I hope he don't p***y out."
What happens if Ken Shamrock were to - well to write it with more civility - withdraw? Bleacher Report has that part detailed in which Kimbo Slice made the following promise.
"Because if he [Ken Shamrock] does [withdraw], I'm going to his dressing room and we're going to do old fashioned bareknuckle right then and there."
In most MMA promotions, such smack talk would be considered hype fight. Some fighters understand that words are words and shouldn't be taken seriously albeit not crossing any personal lines. But given the bad blood that exists between Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock, if the former promises a bareknuckle fight if the latter withdraws, it is most likely true.

[Image via EliteXC]