Trump-Supporting Pastor Bryan Fischer Slams Cory Booker, Says America Can’t Have ‘Sexually Deviant’ President

Evangelical Pastor Bryan Fischer argued that Americans should give Donald Trump a pass for his purported extramarital affairs while his wife was caring for their newborn son — and for the alleged felony campaign finance violations to make hush money payments to the women.

But when it comes to unsubstantiated rumors that Senator Corey Booker is gay, Fischer has changed his tune.

The American Family Radio Network host and best-selling author had argued last year that America should not be “punished” by having Trump removed from office for his alleged affairs with adult film star Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal. As Right Wing Watch noted, he used his radio platform to argue that America should forget about the scandals, since Trump is going to continue being president either way.

“So I think we still have to deal with life as it is handed to us,” he said. “We still have to look at contemporary events, we still have to look at the policies that the president is advocating — do we agree with them, do we disagree with them? If there are policies that are good, there is no reason for us not to support him just because he did such a tawdry thing 11 years ago. I’m not going to punish America because of what he did 11 years ago; that wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever.”

In a tweet this weekend, Bryan Fischer revealed that he is not holding Booker to the same standard. Responding to an article wondering if Americans would be willing to vote for Booker — a single man — for president, Fischer argued that if Booker were gay, it would disqualify him from being president.

Fischer then said that America cannot have a president who “engages in sexually deviant behavior.”

Bryan Fisher is no stranger to controversial statements. In 2015, he was fired by the right-wing religious group American Family Association after making statements equating homosexuals to Nazis. The incident led MSNBC to describe Fischer as a “real-life caricature of an evangelical radical,” pointing out the numerous statements he has made denigrating homosexuals, Democrats, and people of other faiths.

Bryan Fischer’s attack on Cory Booker prompted a swift pushback on Twitter, with many noting that he has continued to vocally support Donald Trump despite his many alleged sexual indiscretions. Others noted that many of Trump’s policies — including his administration’s controversial family separation policy at the U.S.-Mexico border — seemed antithetical to the teachings of the Bible.

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