Amazon Purchases Kristen Stewart's Newest Film 'Against All Enemies'

To compete with the likes of Hulu and Netflix, Amazon has reportedly been on a shopping spree as they purchase rights to new content to add to its Amazon Prime streaming service. Fortunately for Kristen Stewart fans, it appears as if the e-commerce giant has recently purchased the rights to one of her latest independent films called Against All Enemies.

According to Variety, Amazon recently closed the deal out to purchase rights to Against All Enemies during the recent Berlin Film Festival. The UTA Independent Film Group worked with Amazon to hammer out the negotiations.

The recent political thriller revolves around actress Jean Seberg (played by Stewart) who is targeted by the FBI as they try to discredit her using their "Cointelpro program" as retaliation for her support of the Black Panther Party. The FBI's efforts include creating a false story regarding the paternity of the actress' unborn child.

Seberg acted in dozens of films during the height of her career including The Mouse that Roared, St. Joan and Tristesse. Jean Seberg passed away in the year 1979 in France, and her death was officially ruled as a suicide.

In addition to Stewart, the film also stars Anthony Mackie, Colm Meaney, Jack O'Connell, and Margaret Qualley. Mackie is cast as a civil rights activist in the film while Jack O'Connell plays the FBI agent assigned to detail Stewart's character.

Against All Enemies was produced by Stephen Hopkins, Kate Garwood, Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, and Fred Berger.

Kristen Stewart is most well-known in the states for her portrayal of character Bella Swan in all installments of the Twilight series. Though the actress had several roles prior to this casting, the film adaptations of Stephenie Meyer's beloved book series really launched Kristen's career to new heights.

Since the end of the film series, Kristen has worked on numerous projects including a French film, Cloud of Sils Maria back in 2014 that she starred in alongside another well-known young American actress, Chloe Grace Moretz.

Stewart's powerful supporting role in the French hit led her to become the only American actress to win France's Cesar award, one of the country's most prominent awards in the film industry.

According to Variety, Stewart had only wonderful things to say about her experience working overseas with foreign filmmakers.
"The reasons why people make films here in France are very different from the reasons why people make movies in Hollywood and I prefer it here a little bit."
Unfortunately, it is too early for a release date for the latest film acquired by Amazon to be available.