Obama Health Officials Blast Donald Trump's Physical Exam Results For Predicting His Future Health

President Donald Trump's health has been a topic of conversation, for both his supporters and detractors. Trump had often attacked the health of his 2016 presidential foe, Hillary Clinton, as not being up to par, in regards to keeping up with the president's busy schedule. In response, health professionals mocked Trump's mental health, which was further exacerbated when Michael Wolff published a damaging account in Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.

In the book, Wolff painted a picture of Trump not being of sound mind. This claim was corroborated by White House insiders, who anonymously claimed that he was unfit to be president, as reported by Vox. But Trump has repeatedly claimed that not only is he fit to carry out his duties, but that he is in the prime of his health.

There was a lot of anticipation leading up to Trump's annual physical exam. The exam, which was conducted earlier this week by Trump's physician, Sean Conley, showed that he was in "very good condition." Conley also noted that Trump's health will remain in good condition for the foreseeable future -- a claim mocked by former health officials who worked during the Obama regime.

Ronald Klain was among those who mocked Conley's claims, explaining that it was not possible to predict someone's health down the line. In the past, Klain led the U.S. response to the Ebola crisis, and also served as former Vice President Joe Biden's chief of staff.

"No doctor can predict someone's future health," he tweeted in response to the release of Trump's health exam memo, as reported by The Hill.

"This is a disgrace to an office with a great tradition of professionalism. Just another institution turned into a joke by a President determined to make anyone willing to submit an instrument of his lies."
Conley had not only claimed that Trump was in tip-top physical condition, but also remarked that he would remain in good condition "for the duration of his presidency, and beyond."

This remark seems to have irked health officials who worked under the Obama regime. Despite Conley's claims about Trump's health -- both in the present and the future -- it's worth noting that the memo doesn't go into any specifics regarding the president's health.

The president's health is a topic which could resurface in the coming months and years. Trump, 72, can expect tough questions about his health from critics during the 2020 campaign. There's also the matter of how he spends his free time, per the Inquisitr.