Thomas Markle Allegedly Upset About Interview With Duchess Meghan’s Friends

Tolga AkmanGetty Images

After close friends of Meghan Markle shared their thoughts on the Markle family conflict, Thomas Markle is speaking out to express his displeasure at what his daughter’s confidantes had to say about himself and his other two children, who have reportedly done nothing but upset the former actress as she embarks on this new chapter of her life.

Vanity Fair says that Thomas Markle is angered about the interview five friends of Meghan gave to People Magazine earlier this week, sharing details of the newly minted royal’s disappointment with her father and two half-siblings. The friends were especially candid in exchange for anonymity, saying that Thomas Markle has spoken more to the tabloid press than he has to Meghan and Harry.

Thomas Markle responded saying that her friends are not telling the truth about his relationship with his daughter, saying that all they said was “bulls**t.” But Markle does say that it’s true that since the wedding, the two have had little contact. The father-of-three says that he texted his daughter Meghan on her wedding day and spoke to her and Prince Harry the day after to wish them both the best of luck and then “radio silence.”

Harper’s Bazaar says that despite how hurt Thomas Markle alleges to be, Meghan has been hurt far more, as she is now isolated from all of her family, with the exception of her mother, after marrying into the royal family and being pregnant with her first child.

Meghan’s friends have added that Thomas Markle’s conversations with the British tabloid press saying that he doesn’t know why Meghan is upset is puzzling to her, as he has allowed people like Piers Morgan and half-sister Samatha Markle to criticize the duchess on television and in print without a word to defend her.

Thomas Markle has alleged that he is the victim in all of this, when Meghan’s friends say it was Mr. Markle who froze Meghan out, initially not taking her photos, and then ceasing to reach out to the newly married couple.

Reportedly, both Thomas Markle and his daughter, Samantha, have only reached out for photo opportunities and not to apologize for all of the pain they’ve caused by spouting off in the press. Meghan Markle is in the third trimester of her pregnancy, and it looks like the Markle family feud won’t be worked out any time soon, with only Doria Ragland once again being on-hand to represent Meghan’s family.