Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And Chrissy Teigen Just Arranged A Dinner Date To Watch The Grammys Together

Win McNameeGetty Images

Two of Twitter’s most popular personalities are going to be hanging out this weekend, with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Chrissy Teigen arranging a date to watch the Grammys together.

The two have connected over the social media platform, one that has helped both of them rise to fame within their respective fields. Ocasio-Cortez has emerged as one of the most popular politicians by pushing her ambitious Green New Deal and by connecting directly with followers on Twitter — while Teigen has given fans a glimpse of the domestic life for a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

Now the two have connected with each other on Twitter, sharing an exchange on Friday where they seem to have arranged a date to watch this weekend’s Grammy Awards.

“@aoc hello my hero, do you wanna come over and watch the grammys with us? there will be pizza,” Chrissy asked.

“yes! we can live-tweet me burning something in the kitchen,” Ocasio-Cortez answered a few hours later.

The exchange came just a couple of days after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez found a new leg of viral fame, thanks to her take on the role that corporate money plays in American politics. Ocasio-Cortez was speaking to experts at the House Oversight and Reform Committee’s hearing on strengthening ethics for the executive branch, and laid out a series of questions — “lightning round” style — to show how there is really no oversight when it comes to politicians taking corporate money.

As Vox noted, Ocasio-Cortez’s simple questions exposed just how much a politician would be able to legally get away with — in terms of taking corporate money — in exchange for creating favorable policies to that corporation.

“She then asked a litany of questions. Can she run a campaign entirely funded by corporate political action committees? Yes. Can she use that money to make hush payments and pay people off to get elected? Yes. Once in office, can she influence and write laws that might affect the groups from which she’s taken special interest money? Yes. And can she hold stocks in companies the legislation she’s writing might boost? Yes.”

The video — and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s bold progressive ideas like the Green New Deal — has apparently earned her a big fan in Chrissy Teigen, and has now landed her a dinner date, too. It’s not clear if they will actually be able to hold the date, as Ocasio-Cortez has been in Washington while Congress is in session and Teigen is at home in California, but maybe they can live-stream something over Twitter for their fans to watch.