Elizabeth Warren Called A ‘Fraud’ By Fox News Contributor Over Her Claims Of Native American Ancestry

Scott EisenGetty Images

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren is a “fraud” whose “lies” about her Native American ancestry should disqualify her from serving in the U.S. Senate, as well as from her possible presidential aspirations, Fox News contributor Bradley Blakeman opined.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Warren has been embroiled in controversy over her claims of Native American ancestry for years now — even Donald Trump has mockingly called her “Pocahontas” in response.

Warren, who grew up in Oklahoma, claimed to have Native American ancestry on her employee paperwork at the University of Pennsylvania and then Harvard, as the Boston Globe reported in 2012. Why she did so remains unclear, although Politifact notes that Harvard used Warren’s supposed Native American ancestry as evidence of diversity among its faculty. Whether or not her claims unfairly or artificially advanced her career remains uncertain — Politifact claims it unlikely that she derived any professional advantage from her claims.

However, Blakeman opines that the only reason Warren would have done so is to gain an unfair advantage.

“There is only one reason a person would fraudulently make a claim to be from a racial or ethnic group not his or her own: to benefit from affirmative action or other preferential programs created for underrepresented groups that have been victims of past discrimination.”

Dogged by criticism, Warren took a commercial ancestry DNA test, then later revealed that her results confirmed a Native American ancestor six-to-ten generations ago. She touted this as proof of her Native American heritage. However, the move was widely seen as a political misstep, and Warren later apologized to the Cherokee Nation. In a statement, Julie Hubbard, the tribe’s executive director of communications, said that her apology had been accepted.

That’s not good enough for Blakeman, however. He says that Warren’s “lies” about the whole affair disqualify her from public service — not just in her current role in the U.S. Senate, but from any presidential aspirations she may have as well.

“Warren should not be able to escape liability for her deceptions. The Texas Bar should open an ethics investigation of Warren’s false representations about her identity. So should the Senate Ethics Committee.”

Whether or not that will happen remains to be seen, however. The chair of that committee is Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson, and he has not said or done anything to indicate that Warren is on his radar. In fact, as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported in June of 2017, Isakson has worked with Warren before — on a hearing-aide bill — and has drawn fire from his conservative base for doing so.

Warren, meanwhile, is expected to announce her plans to run for president in 2020 in the coming days.