Ivanka Trump Says She’s Unconcerned About Mueller Probe Affecting People She Loves

Mark WilsonGetty Images

Ivanka Trump has declared that she’s unbothered by special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian collusion, even though her father and others close to her have been scrutinized. Ivanka Trump made statement to this effect during an interview with Good Morning America on Friday.

“No. I’m not,” Trump said when she was asked about her loved ones being the subjects of the probe. “I’m really not.”

As CNN reports, she also said that she knew “literally, almost nothing” about the Trump Tower Moscow deal that now seems to be a core aspect of the Mueller investigation.

“There was never a binding contract. I never talked to the — with a third party outside of the organization about it. It was one of — I mean, we could have had 40 or 50 deals like that, that were floating around, that somebody was looking at,” she said. “Nobody visited it to see if it was worth our time. So this was not exactly like an advanced project.”

Despite the president’s many assertions that he had nothing to do with Russia, the Mueller investigation has found that Donald Trump pursued a deal to build a hotel in Moscow. As USA Today reports, he signed a letter of intent in October of 2015, on a day that coincided with the third Republican debate. Furthermore, Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, gave false testimony to Congress when he said that the negotiations surrounding the Moscow deal had ended before the Iowa caucus and the first primary. Mueller and his team have found that they continued until “at least” June of 2016. Michael Cohen has since been sentenced to three years in prison for campaign finance violations, tax fraud, and making false statements to a bank.

So far, Ivanka Trump hasn’t been implicated by the long list of investigations that are encircling her father. But as the Inquisitr previously reported, an investigation into alleged financial violations committed by Trump’s inauguration committee could pose some danger to her. The inauguration committee spent $100 million from the donations that it received, a number that is much higher than previous presidential inaugurations. One of the key people planning the inauguration, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, reportedly emailed Ivanka to express concern over the high rental fees the Trump Organization had charged for the use of Trump Tower Washington. Wolkoff’s main issue was that these exorbitant prices could violate existing tax laws.

When asked about the matter, Ivanka Trump’s ethics lawyer told Pro Publica that she was not directly involved in negotiations with the inauguration committee.