Who Is Joe Flanigan, Alexis’ New Therapist Neil On ‘General Hospital’?

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Friday’s episode of General Hospital will show a new character popping up, and fans will likely be anxious to know more about this character and the actor stepping into the role. Joe Flanigan will be portraying Neil, a new therapist Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) sees, and some wonder if this could be the first step in a new romance.

SheKnows Soaps noted that Flanigan will first be seen during the episode of General Hospital airing on Friday, February 8. The preview clip shared via Twitter for this show teases that Alexis will be worked up and calling somebody an “arrogant bastard,” and it seems likely that she’s ultimately referring to this new character of Neil.

However, Alexis isn’t in a therapist’s office as she says this. Some might speculate that she might cross paths with Neil elsewhere and find him annoying and then have to eat her words when she happens to show up for a first appointment with him, or something of that nature.

At the moment, little has been revealed in terms of how long Flanigan will be sticking around General Hospital. Spoilers suggest that viewers might be seeing a fair amount of him, and some viewers are speculating that he might be brought on as a potential love interest for Alexis.

It would be a classic soap opera tale to have Alexis butt heads with this hot new therapist initially, but then soften and eventually fall for him as she gets to see his caring side. Now that the writers have put Julian and Kim back together, at least for the moment, it’s time to find someone new for Alexis.

Many General Hospital fans are still rooting for an eventual Alexis and Julian reunion, and the door will probably never be entirely closed to that possibility. However, Alexis has been without romance for a while now and she seems to be ready to do some hard work in sorting through her various levels of baggage. Could Neil be the one to ultimately be the perfect romantic partner?

Those who feel as if they recognize Flanigan from somewhere may have seen him in one of his previous prior roles. The actor’s IMDb page lists numerous one-off gigs, but he may be most recognized for roles like playing John Sheppard on Stargate: Atlantis, Dr. Tom Arquette on Profiler, or Alex DeMouy on Cupid.

Are General Hospital fans ready for Alexis to embrace a romance with someone new? Could Joe Flanigan’s Neil turn out to be that special someone, or will this new therapist end up being a brief blip in the complex dynamics of Alexis Davis’ life? Stay tuned for more spoilers on this front as more information emerges.