Prince Harry Cracks Joke About Meghan Markle’s Big Belly Bump

Tolga Akmen/WPA PoolGetty Images

The heavily pregnant Duchess of Sussex is on everyone’s radar, so to speak. As Meghan Markle’s pregnancy progresses and the royal mother-to-be is nearing her due date, Duchess Meghan’s ever-growing baby bump is under constant scrutiny.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, fans of the royal couple couldn’t help but notice that Meghan Markle is sprouting quite a prominent baby bump, which seems to be a little too large for someone who is only six months along.

Even the duchess’s husband, Prince Harry, couldn’t refrain from commenting on his wife’s sizeable baby bump. During a prestigious event that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended on February 7, Prince Harry allowed himself a harmless joke about Meghan Markle’s big stomach, People is reporting.

On Thursday, the royal couple walked the red carpet hand-in-hand to honor the nation’s veterans at the Endeavor Fund Awards, the Inquisitr reported earlier today. But before handing out prizes to service personnel who have used athletics and remarkable adventure challenges to aid in their recovery over the past year, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle first stopped at a pre-ceremony party to meet the award nominees, as well as participants and key supporters of the event.

As they made their way through the crowded party to mingle with the guests, Prince Harry let slip a perfectly innocent joke about Meghan Markle’s blossoming baby bump. According to People, the Duke of Sussex was heard telling one of the party guests, “There’s a heavy baby in there!”

Featured image credit: Tolga Akmen/WPA PoolGetty Images

Prince Harry’s harmless joke was taken with good humor by his wife. Not only was Meghan Markle not upset by her husband’s amusing quip, but she even stuck by her man, complimenting him on his parenting skills.

People notes that the Duchess of Sussex gushed over Prince Harry’s demeanor as a future father, saying, “He’s going to be the best dad.” As the media outlet points out, the royal couple’s behavior shows that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle already admire each other as parents.

Featured image credit: Tolga Akmen/WPA PoolGetty Images

Aside from talking to the guests, the royal couple also carried out a lively conversation with the host of the Endeavor Fund Awards, actor and documentary maker Ross Kemp. The three discussed about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s latest addition to their family – their black Labrador puppy, whose name is yet to be disclosed.

“We talked about how they’ve got a puppy, and we got a puppy before we had our first boy,” Kemp told People. “It’s a preparation for nappy changing and pooing basically.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting to welcome their first baby into the world in April. In preparation for the royal birth, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have hired a doula to help them through the birthing process, the Inquisitr recently reported.