Thomas Ravenel Accused Of Dirty Tricks By Bravo In Court Documents

Bravo TV, through their parent company NBC Universal, is responding to former cast member Thomas Ravenel’s efforts to drag them into his custody battle, claiming in court that these serve as a distraction from his firing from the hit show Southern Charm and his current legal peril in criminal court which has him out on bond.

The Inquisitr first covered the current custody dispute between Ravenel and former partner Kathryn Dennis (who is still starring on the Bravo series). As a result of Ravenel’s arrest and charges for allegedly assaulting the family nanny, Dennis grew concerned about the former state treasurer’s fitness as a parent. In court documents acquired by the Inquisitr, Dennis referenced a study done by a psychologist which point to Ravenel’s “impulsivity” problems and his “extreme narcissism and anger management” difficulties.

The same doctor, L. Randolph Waid, said that Dennis was a “fit and proper primary parent for the children.”

In response to this filing, Ravenel dragged nearly everyone in Dennis’ life in an effort to either depose them, gain personal documents, or silence them, including cast and crew related to Bravo, the production company Haymaker, and even Uber to detail where Dennis goes when she is not driving her own car.

But Bravo and Uber are pushing back and refusing to get involved with what they say is a personal family matter, and in the case of the ride-share company, a matter of privacy. The Blast is reporting that Bravo is calling Ravenel’s naming them in his response to Dennis’ custody request frivolous, and essentially, they don’t want to be involved.

In court documents, Ravenel wants any Southern Charm unaired footage with Kensie and Saint Ravenel scrapped because he is refusing permission. Bravo is calling sour grapes, saying that the former cast member was happy to have the children shoot with himself and Dennis before he was fired soon after his arrest on assault charges. In return, Bravo accuses “Ravenel of trying to unlawfully impose restraints on a media company in violation of their first amendment rights.”

They add that Ravenel’s problem with the show is a media matter, and family court is the wrong venue, as they have no custody of the Ravenel children. At this time, NBC is demanding that the one-time state politician pay their legal bills and they are asking the court to dismiss the case.

NBC is also suggesting that if Ravenel doesn’t want this information out in the media, he should stop the personal mudslinging and leaking of documents by himself and his sometimes girlfriend, who was his plus-one last season.

“If Ravenel actually wants to stem the public flow of information about this custody dispute, then his recourse is to stop his own public mudslinging in the pleadings he has filed in this case, stop posting photos and videos of his children on the Internet.”

They added that Ravenel seems to want to be the only one with a public forum who can discuss that case and he seeks to limit the platform of others.

Ravenel also added Uber to his subpoena list, demanding that they share all of the rides she took using the company associated with her phone number, according to the Daily Mail. Uber wrote back and called Ravenel’s request “overboard” and “burdensome,” saying they would not turn over any records to him. Sadly, in the sharing of documents, Ravenel posted Dennis’ current phone number to the public, forcing her to change the number.

Dennis has accused Ravenel of tracking her car and hiring a private investigator to follow her, and sources say that using Uber makes this more difficult.

The custody case of Dennis vs. Ravenel continues to unfold with the court date coming up soon.

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