‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Raised Concerns First About Thomas Ravenel’s Substance Abuse

A new 2019 filing by former Southern Charm star Thomas Ravenel makes wild accusations against Kathryn Dennis, the mother of his two children, referencing drug and alcohol use, but these accusations have only surfaced after Dennis, a current member of the Bravo show’s cast, filed concerns in October about Ravenel’s substance abuse, mental health concerns, and indictment on criminal assault charges.

Based on legal advice, Dennis has stayed mum since filing her request for full custody on October 25, but the 14-page document, obtained by the Inquisitr, was the first filing to raise parenting concerns since Ravenel and Dennis agreed to joint custody prior to his arrest for assaulting the one-time family nanny.

In the October filing, Dennis’ lawyer, Alex Cash of Rosen, Rosen, & Hagood, provided documentation about his client’s concerns for the well-being and custody of the two minor Ravenel children.

Cash mentions in his filing that a clinical and forensic psychologist agreed to by both parents conducted a study on both Dennis and Ravenel. Dr. L. Randolph Waid conducted a “battery of tests and multiple evaluation sessions” on both parties and found Dennis to be a “fit and proper primary parent for the children.”

Dr. Waid continued, saying that Dennis has “genuine love and concern” for the children’s welfare.

“[I]t is evident that [the mother] can function as a healthy nurturing parent to [her children].”

Additionally, Dr. Waid documented Ravenel’s admission that he has impulsivity problems, and the older child has expressed concerns about her father’s temper. Dennis has added that Ravenel’s “extreme narcissism and anger management problems” have a negative influence on his ability to parent.

Dennis also raised concerns that despite an agreement that neither party would drink during their time as the custodial parent, Ravenel has “drunk alcohol to excess, mixed with his prescription drugs that has [sic] caused him to be impaired” during the time he was responsible for the children.

As part of the filing for a change of custody, Dennis also raised serious concerns about the sexual assault charges against the children’s father, as well as the fact that despite an income disparity, Ravenel continues to pay no child support but supports his girlfriend [Ashley Jacobs] financially, despite the fact that she has disparaged Dennis on the Bravo show Southern Charm and on social media.

Kathryn Dennis also requested a restraining order against Ravenel’s girlfriend for herself and the children, calling Jacobs a negative influence.

So in light of this initial filing, Ravenel’s response, shared by The Blast, seems retaliatory. The allegations listed in Ravenel’s filing include the idea that Dennis put the family’s former nanny up to charging him with rape.

In response to Dennis’ efforts to gain full or at least primary custody of the children, Ravenel now wants the children’s mother to pay him child support.

“He is demanding the judge grant him primary custody and order Dennis to pay him child support.”

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