Spoilers For Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’: Franco Lashes Out, Liz Calls For Help, And Ava Rants To ‘Kevin’

Craig SjodinABC

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital will showcase some meaty scenes featuring Roger Howarth’s Franco and Maura West’s Ava, according to the latest spoilers. Earlier in the week, viewers watched as “Kevin” manipulated Lulu into believing that Franco is responsible for the attack on her, and now the fallout begins.

Jordan arrested Franco during Wednesday’s show, and he’ll let his feelings be known as he lashes out at her during the February 7 episode. General Hospital spoilers via the Twitter sneak peek detail that he will threaten to sue over this arrest and he’ll threaten that by the time he’s done, he will own Port Charles.

As Franco says this, Jordan will look rather smug and confident. Given “Kevin’s” hypnosis of Lulu, she fully believes that Franco is the suspect she’s been seeking since the first incident with Mary Pat’s death. However, Franco knows he had nothing to do with these deaths and luckily, so do the viewers.

While Franco tries to convince Jordan he’s innocent, Elizabeth will reach out to someone to let them know the news of the arrest. Obviously, Liz and Scotty will be on Franco’s side, but he probably won’t have much more support than that for the moment.

Ava has been intense as she’s voiced her determination to figure out who harmed Kiki, and she will be livid over thinking that Jordan can prove that Franco is responsible. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ava will catch up to “Kevin” and vent over the latest developments, and there is little doubt that Ryan will be eating up every word as his new love voices her fury over thinking the truth has been uncovered.

How long will Franco remain Jordan’s primary suspect? General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed how he proves his innocence or when, but She Knows Soaps makes it clear that another shift in the case is on the way. It looks like Franco will continue to scramble for the next week or so, and Jordan will offer Franco a way to get out from under this chaos.

As the month moves forward, Jordan will develop a plan to expose the real culprit, and Laura will edge closer to figuring out the truth about Ryan. Unfortunately, Ryan’s not done yet, and it looks like it’ll be a race to see whether he can be stopped before anyone else in Port Charles perishes.

Viewers are curious to see what comes next as Jordan focuses on Franco as her primary suspect. Obviously, Ryan has done a stellar job of casting suspicion on Franco and away from himself. However, fans hope that Jordan will take a step back and perhaps realize that motive remains a big mystery when it comes to Franco and his supposed connection to this case. He loved Kiki and would surely never harm her, and he’d have no reason to target Lulu, Peyton, or Mary Pat.

Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Ryan may take further steps to try to keep Franco in the crosshairs. As long as Lulu’s memory about that horrible night remains hidden away, nobody else seems close to figuring out that Kevin is really Ryan. There are more twists and turns with this storyline on the way, and fans won’t want to miss a minute of the action that’s still ahead.