‘General Hospital’ Wednesday Spoilers: Anna Confronts Liesl, Jordan Makes A Move, & Willow Has An Update

Michael YadaABC

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s episode suggest that it’ll be an intense one packed with drama on multiple fronts. Viewers watched on Tuesday as Ryan manipulated Lulu so that she thinks Franco is responsible for what happened to her. There’s more coming up with that situation, but there’s action on several other storylines during the February 6 show, too.

Liesl is putting the pieces of her life in Port Charles back together again now that she’s managed to clear up her legal troubles. She’s pressured Valentin to help her in exchange for keeping the secret about Sasha, but Anna isn’t ready to dismiss her ill will toward Obrecht.

The sneak peek for Wednesday’s show teases that Anna and Liesl will have an intense conversation with one another, and Anna will be making some threats. It seems likely that she’ll warn Obrecht to watch it when it comes to Peter, and Anna will make it clear that she’ll take care of Liesl any way she needs to if push comes to shove.

Viewers will see several interesting conversations during Wednesday’s show. Peter will blast Valentin in a conversation with Maxie while Willow will approach Valentin to talk. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Willow will have something concerning to talk to Valentin about, and it seems likely that this is related to more problems with Charlotte at school.

Sasha and Nina will talk about relationships and as viewers have seen, Nina has fallen for Valentin again in large part due to his involvement in connecting her with Nina. She Knows Soaps notes that Sasha and Charlotte will spend time together, and Nina will have a dramatic change of heart in some sense. It seems this is likely related to Sasha’s return and Valentin’s proposal and while this won’t implode on Nina and Valentin yet, General Hospital spoilers tease that the truth about Sasha will emerge soon.

As the Inquisitr detailed, Franco will now become the primary suspect in Jordan’s investigation, shocking many throughout Port Charles. Jordan will confront somebody during Wednesday’s show, and it looks likely that she’ll be arresting Franco. This will certainly shake things up substantially, but this case obviously isn’t wrapped up yet.

How far will things get in thinking that Franco is the proper suspect in this investigation before someone realizes the truth? How will Sasha and Valentin be busted in their scheme? General Hospital spoilers hint that big developments are on the horizon, and fans will be anxious to see what the writers have in store for everybody next.