Cassie Randolph’s ‘Young Once’ Season 2 Debuts: ‘Bachelor’ Contender Also Filmed Show With Former College Love

Craig SjodinABC

Monday night — during Episode 5 of The Bachelor— Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph shared their first one-on-one date. Spoilers hint that there are more fireworks yet to come between these two, but fans are buzzing over a different reality television show Cassie is on, one that debuted Monday night as well.

As the Inquisitr has previously detailed, Cassie did do a different show right before joining Colton’s Bachelor season. The online show is titled Young Once and featured Randolph — and some fellow Biola University students — several years ago. Much of that initial season focused on Cassie and then-boyfriend Caelan Tiongson, and the two reportedly dated on-and-off for several years.

It turns out that Young Once has a second season that was filmed last fall — and the first episode was posted online Monday night. In this second season, Cassie and Caelan examine their relationship, and work through how to define their status moving forward.

According to gossip king Reality Steve, Young Once will be releasing a new Season 2 episode every Monday, just as Cassie’s appearance on Colton’s Bachelor season continues into March. Reality Steve was tweeting about this other show during Monday’s Bachelor airing — and fans are definitely buzzing over this.

Some people say this is no big deal, as Caelan is and continues to be an ex-boyfriend. However, others find it worth noting that Young Once filmed these new episodes up until a few weeks before Randolph started filming Underwood’s Bachelor season.

Previews for these new Young Once episodes suggest that Caelan and Cassie will tinker with the idea of whether or not they still belong together, as well as with whether or not they can still be friends if they remain apart. From the sounds of things, Cassie never mentioned anything to Caelan about planning to film The Bachelor. In addition, spoilers suggest that she never brought up Young Once — and the time spent with her ex during her time filming — with Underwood.

In addition, according to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Cassie’s time on Young Once doesn’t solidly close the door on an ongoing romance with Caelan. He says the two didn’t leave filming in a relationship, but he insists that things weren’t exactly wrapped up and firmly ended, either.

Considering the chemistry that’s clearly visible between Colton and Cassie — along with Reality Steve’s spoilers about what lies ahead during this Bachelor season per the Inquisitr — it’s hard not to think that this timing is more than coincidental. Will Randolph address any of this? So far, she hasn’t — but she may find that she needs to at some point.

Did Cassie Randolph join The Bachelor for the right reasons? Will she wrap things up with former flame Caelan more fully than what Reality Steve has suggested? Colton Underwood definitely has an interest in this particular bachelorette, and viewers will be quite curious to see how all of this plays out over the next few weeks.