‘Bachelor’ Deleted Scene Between Onyeka And Nicole Sets The Stage For Episode 5 Chaos With Colton

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During Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, spoilers detail that viewers will see a lot of drama transpire between bachelorettes Onyeka Ehie and Nicole Lopez-Alvar. What everybody will watch during the February 4 show may seem quite intense and out of nowhere, but a deleted scene from the previous episode shows that this has been brewing for a while now.

The Bachelor deleted scene was shared via the show’s Twitter page after Episode 4 aired. In the scene, Onyeka pulls Nicole aside to talk. Ehie says that she’s seen Lopez-Alvar cry a lot in the house — and it’s made her wonder if the contestant is emotionally stable enough to be in a committed relationship.

Ehie said that she’s heard similar thoughts from other people as well, and that Lopez-Alvar is like a soft shell that is easy to crack. Nicole said that Onyeka was exaggerating about how much she’s been crying, but she remained quite calm during the discussion. Nicole said that crying shouldn’t always be seen as a sign of weakness — and she hated hearing that she’s being judged for being emotional.

After the conversation, Nicole did get emotional, and shared that she thought some of what Onyeka said was out of bounds. Lopez-Alvar said that she allows herself to be vulnerable, and wears her heart on her sleeve. It looked like she was quite taken aback by Ehie’s decision to confront her about this.

As the Inquisitr has shared, hard feelings apparently remained between Nicole and Onyeka after this deleted scene from Episode 4. Ehie and Lopez-Alvar will both be on the group date with Colton during Monday’s show — and spoilers have indicated that they’ll start butting heads with one another at the after-party.

Then, Bachelor spoilers tease, they’ll get into another heated confrontation at the cocktail party and it’ll prompt a shocking move from Colton. It sounds as if he’ll be ready to wash his hands of both Onyeka and Nicole, leaving the rest of the bachelorettes stunned. Judging by how dramatic this reportedly gets, fans may want to brace themselves for ABC to try to lure both women to this summer’s Bachelor in Paradise so that they can face off again.

Was Onyeka Ehie being too aggressive in confronting Nicole Lopez-Alvar like this — and was Nicole letting herself be too emotional throughout filming? The Bachelorspoilers suggest that things will be pretty uncomfortable for everybody involved as this comes to a head during Episode 5. The episode in question airs on Monday, February 4.

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