Bradley Cooper Reveals He Is ‘Terrified’ Of Singing With Lady Gaga At The Oscars

Paul DrinkwaterNBCUniversal via Getty Images

Bradley Cooper may have nailed his performance as a music star in his directorial debut A Star Is Born, but he revealed that performing live at the upcoming Academy Awards with his co-star, Lady Gaga, is actually making him anxious.

The 44-year-old and Gaga are set to perform their Oscar-nominated song “Shallow” during the ceremony on February 24, but it seems like Cooper finds it more of a nerve-wrecking situation rather than an enjoyable one.

“I’m sure I’ll be terrified,” he told E! News‘ Tamara Dhia during his red carpet appearance at the Directors Guild Awards in Hollywood, Los Angeles, last Saturday.

In order to help with the preparation for the actual live show, he crashed Lady Gaga’s concert in Las Vegas the previous weekend for a surprise performance that ended up becoming a viral video of the two of them sharing the stage and belting out their hit duet. When Bradley stepped on stage, he and Gaga, 32, hugged before she sat at the piano and played “Shallow,” much to the delight of the crowd, who had no idea he was going to show up.

“I just had to like, Zen out and just pray that I wouldn’t ruin her show,” he said.

“Because, think about it, she just crushed it for two hours… and I thought, ‘Please let me just be on pitch.'”

But when asked if there was going to be a Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper tour, the actor said that it was definitely not going to happen. He did say, however, that he loved his experience as both actor and director in the same movie, so it’s likely that this won’t be the last time fans will get to see Brad working from behind the lens again.

In the movie, Bradley stars as country music star Jack, who struggles with an alcohol addiction, while Gaga plays the role of Ally, a singer that he develops both a professional and romantic relationship with, but who ends up becoming a massive pop star in her own right. Despite this being Gaga’s first lead role in the big screen, she already received a nod for Best Actress, in addition to the nomination for Best Song for the chart-topping “Shallow.” The movie itself is nominated for Best Picture, but Bradley’s directorial effort didn’t get him a nod in that category. He did, however, also receive a nomination for his leading role as Jack.

Now fans of the movie will have to wait until the end of the month to find out if they’re taking any gong home. The Oscars will take place at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, with the ceremony airing live on ABC.