Kristoff St. John’s Daughters Paris & Lola Face Heartbreak With Loss Of Dad, Previous Death Of Brother Julian

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Soap fans are reeling Monday morning after news emerged detailing that The Young and the Restless star Kristoff St. John died over the weekend. Those who have followed St. John over the years know that he and his family suffered a tragic loss several years ago with the suicide of his son Julian, and now Kristoff’s daughters Paris and Lola face another heartbreaking loss with the departure of their father.

As the Inquisitr shared earlier, Young and Restless star Kristoff St. John was found dead in his San Fernando Valley home on Sunday. Last year, the actor had a frightening incident where he reportedly threatened to kill himself, and he was away from Y&R for some time as he worked on his mental health.

Kristoff’s death comes a little more than four years after the death of his son Julian. As People shared at the time, Julian died at the age of 24 at a Long Beach facility of an apparent suicide. Julian had battled mental health issues, specifically schizophrenia, for a long time.

After Julian’s death, Kristoff’s ex-wife Mia St. John explained that her son had been diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 17. He became suicidal during the time being off his medications when he developed an addiction to meth. The family managed to get Julian into the La Casa Mental Health Rehabilitation Center in September 2014 on an involuntary psychiatric hold, noted Us Weekly.

Mia explained that La Casa had ensured the family they would check on Julian every 15 minutes during his time there. However, St. John managed to climb over a fence and leave La Casa, and he was missing for several hours. Shortly after he was found and returned to the facility, he attempted suicide, but his roommate was able to get help from staff. Two weeks later, Julian had committed suicide.

Kristoff and Mia joined forces in suing the owner of La Casa, Telecare Mental Health Corporation. The suit continued for some time, and at one point, Mia had shared via Twitter that their daughter Paris would be speaking on their behalf as they were restricted due to the suit. The suit was eventually settled.

Paris is a model, singer, and songwriter. She reportedly graduated from Santa Monica College in 2014 and she dated model and photographer Bryan Randall before he started dating actress Sandra Bullock. Us Weekly detailed some time ago that Bryan and Paris dated for about three years, and Mia had nothing but good things to say about him.

Kristoff’s other daughter Lola was from his marriage to ex-wife Allana Nadal. Lola turned 15-years-old last August, and her father was clearly very proud of her and excited to throw a big celebration in her honor. He shared a long message and montage of photos to his Instagram page at the time, and there was never any doubt that he was a doting father.

The Young and the Restless fans are mourning alongside Kristoff St. John’s family in the wake of this tragic news. Few details about what happened have emerged as of yet and the family has not shared any official statements or comments yet.

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