Virginia Pregnancy Center Vandalized Amid Heated Debate Over Late-Term Abortion

Virginia sparked a massive uproar during the week when Democratic Governor Ralph Northam made a comment about a hypothetical scenario in which doctors and parents can decide to leave a severely deformed or sick newborn baby to die. The remark came amid a debate in the state about following the example of New York, which has just legalized late-term abortion into the third trimester.

Understandably, Northam’s comment did not go down well with most people, and has renewed the anger of the pro-life group in the legality of any kind of termination of a pregnancy, regardless of the circumstances. Those who take a pro-choice approach have had just as strong a reaction, wanting late-term abortions to be legalized.

The result of that came to the fore on Friday morning, when the Pregnancy Center in Culpeper was vandalized, according to Time Magazine.

The vandalism included a broken window and bright red spray painted messages on the side of the building which read “FAKE” and “YOU HATE WOMEN.”

For 20 years, the Pregnancy Center has been working for the community to help mothers in times of crisis, without any problems.

“Everyone is shocked. The community embraces this place,” town councilman Jon Russell said. “We love babies, we love mommas. That’s what they do here at the pregnancy center.”

The Pregnancy Center in question is one of numerous centers of its kind in Central Virginia, and is not an abortion clinic of any kind. In fact, the center is actually affiliated with a Christian non-profit organization “dedicated to women and families facing unplanned pregnancy.”

President and COO DJ Carter explained that this is the first time the center has been the victim of vandalism, and he can’t quite fathom the motive for the act.

“We serve post-supportive women, we serve women in times of crisis and those with STIs and STDs. So we give treatment and also share beautiful ministry opportunities with churches and we let people know all the information of carrying their baby, abortion and adoption,” Carter explained. “Instead of being angry, we’ve rejoiced this is an opportunity for us to talk about what to do and we also pray for the individuals who attacked us in this way.”

Given that the center vandalized is not one that provides abortions or refers women to places where they are able to get one, it is more likely that the crime was committed by someone who comes down on the pro-choice side of the debate.

Police are investigating the case to try and determine why the Pregnancy Center became a target.