Snoop Dogg Hit With $500,000 Tax Lien

The IRS has their mind on Snoop Dogg’s money and Snoop Dogg’s money on their mind.

Snoop Dogg has once again forgotten to pay his taxes, and has been hit with a tax lien from the IRS totaling $546,270.29, reports TMZ. Snoop Dogg, or Lion, or Calvin Broadus Jr. (whatever you want to call him, really) apparently owes for two separate years – in 2009 he forgot to pay $101,952.44 and in 2011, he failed to turn over $444,317.85.

Snoop has had troubles with the IRS before, too. He reportedly shelled out $476,000 in back taxes from 2008, but he paid up fair and square when the IRS served him notice.

Tax liens filed by the IRS against celebrities are nothing new. O.J. Simpson has continuous problems with the tax man, imprisoned though he may be.His most recent bill, like Snoop’s, is over $500,000.

Accounting Today reports that other rappers/musicians who have recently had trouble filing include Fat Joe ($700,000) and Lil Wayne ($7.72 million). Lindsay Lohan was in deep with the IRS several months ago, but with a little help from her pal Charlie Sheen, she managed to get her tax lien lifted.

It’s not just the US of A, either. Actor Gerard Depardieu famously fled France recently over the excessive tax hikes on the wealthy enacted recently. He has been welcomed into Russia since then.

What do you think of celebrities like Snoop Dogg forgetting to pay their taxes? Should they be punished for not paying, or should they be taxed less overall? Sound off below.