Taylor Kinney On Being Slapped By Fiancé Lady Gaga: 'It Was Just Awkward'

Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga are happily engaged these days, but the latest episode of Bravo's Watch What Happens Live gave Kinney the opportunity to reveal the awkward beginnings of his relationship with American Horror Story's Lady Gaga. Taylor says that their first meeting didn't go as smoothly as he might have hoped.

Lady Gaga Responds To Taylor Kinney With A Slap

Kinney and Gaga met on the set of Lady Gaga's music video for "Yoü and I" with Taylor set to perform opposite the pop star. As usual, the video producers were instructing Taylor on his role in the video, but Kinney felt spontaneity would work better and suggested that they just let him roll with it. As filming began and Kinney entered the scene, he strolled right up to Lady Gaga and kissed her lips.

"They cut, and she slapped me. And then it was just awkward," Kinney said in an interview with E! News. "And then the next take, I just did it again and then she didn't slap me. She didn't slap me then."

In spite of that first kiss and the smack across the face, Lady Gaga and Taylor worked well together. Taylor reveals that there was some strong chemistry between Gaga and himself from the very beginning and the two got along well enough that they exchanged information and kept in touch, even after filming on Gaga's music video wrapped up.

The Chicago Fire actor proposed to American Horror Story: Hotel's Lady Gaga earlier this year on Valentine's Day, but the couple haven't yet been able to settle on a date for the wedding, reports Kinney. In fact, Taylor and Lady Gaga are still debating on locations with cities such as New York and Los Angeles in the running.

While Lady Gaga is generally very private about the details of her personal life, she has taken a few opportunities to gush about her new fiancé. Ms. Gaga first announced news of the engagement two days after Kinney's proposal, sharing a detailed black and white photo of her heart-shaped diamond ring with Instagram followers.

"He gave me his heart on Valentine's Day, and I said YES!"

Later, Lady Gaga again gushed about her engagement to Taylor Kinney at this year's Oscars.

"We're just so excited to be engaged," Gaga exclaimed.

Taylor Kinney Wants To Work With The American Horror Story: Hotel Countess

If Lady Gaga's female fans are thinking the pop star has snatched up the perfect man, they might be doubly impressed to learn that Kinney has been completely supportive of Gaga's acting ambitions. In fact, Taylor has instructed Lady Gaga on making the transition to television acting to help her along as much as possible and, now that Gaga has made an unforgettable mark on American Horror Story, Kinney couldn't be more proud.

Taylor says Lady Gaga's portrayal as Countess Elizabeth was amazing, according to UPI. The Chicago Fire actor added that he was also impressed by everything he's seen on American Horror Story, crediting everyone for their talents and contributions from Ryan Murphy down to every last cast member.

Speaking of Lady Gaga and her acting ambitions, Mr. Kinney also confessed that he would like to work with his fiancée again, which is something that hasn't happened since the 2011 music video that brought the couple together.

"I would love to do something with her. I met working with her. I don't know that we've done anything work-wise since," Kinney said of his appearance in Lady Gaga's "Yoü and I" music video. "I wouldn't put that out of the realm of possibilities."

[Featured image: Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga courtesy of Kevin Winter/Getty Images]