Sony Michel Bought His Parents New Cars After Getting Drafted

Matthew StockmanGetty Images

Sony Michel has had quite the year. The New England Patriots rookie is on his way to his first Super Bowl, and while there are plenty of great stories floating around about what he has done on the field, people can’t help but embrace the story of what he did for his parents shortly after he was drafted.

After putting in some impressive performances while playing college football for the Georgia Bulldogs, Sony Michel was drafted by the New England Patriots in the first round — as the 31th overall pick. Just a couple of months later, he opened up about something big he had done for his mom and dad almost immediately after being scooped up by the Patriots.

As NBC Sports details, Michel purchased new vehicles for both his mother and his father after he was drafted. He explained that he feels that it’s his obligation to ensure his parents have whatever they need, and that it’s always been his goal to help them as much as he can.

In late June, Michel shared the scoop via his social media pages — and CBS Sports reporter Tyler Sullivan captured the images and shared them via his Twitter page. In the post that he shared, Sony detailed that he wanted his parents to live their best lives now, and he made an effort to make it happen.

It looks like Sony bought an Audi for his mom, and a Ford truck for his dad. Both parents were obviously thrilled with the amazing gifts. Anybody who has followed the story of the Michel family knows that they’ve worked incredibly hard to get where they are now, and that Sony’s purchases were quite meaningful.

CBS Sports shared some time ago that Sony’s parents, Jean and Marie, immigrated to the United States from Haiti in the early 1990s. In fact, per ESPN, the two didn’t know one another in Haiti — and only met after they had both arrived in Florida. Marie came on her own in 1990, and later returned to Haiti to bring her daughter back with her to Florida. Marie and Jean met in Florida, and later added big brother Marken — and then Sony — to the family.

Sony excelled in high school football in Plantation, Florida, but things got tough when both of his parents lost their jobs. Sony talked to his football coach about the situation, and soon both of his parents took on jobs at the private school the teen attended.

Jean started working as a custodian, while mom Marie — and Sony’s older sister — both took jobs in the kitchen. Taking those jobs allowed Michel to stay at the private school, which paved the way to become a rising star as a Georgia Bulldog.

At the time of the CBS Sports interview, Sony said that he thought of his parents with every decision he made. He clearly appreciated all they did to ensure he got a good education and was able to play football, so he wasted no time in repaying them once he had been drafted by the Patriots.

Will Sony Michel win the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots in his rookie year? The answer will come during Super Bowl LIII Sunday night, but what is not in doubt is whether Jean and Marie Michel will be excitedly rooting for their son every step of the way.