Donald Trump Praises ‘Very Good Friend’ New England Patriots Ahead Of Super Bowl LIII

Kevin C. CoxGetty Images

Donald Trump praised the New England Patriots, three of whose employees he referred to as “very good friend [sic]” in a Daily Caller interview Thursday morning, ahead of Super Bowl LIII.

Trump often finds himself without friends in the sports world, especially in the NFL, as he’s been harshly critical of NFL players who don’t stand for the national anthem, and of teams, and the league, for allowing it. What’s more, several athletes and even whole teams have, throughout the Trump presidency, skipped traditional opportunities to visit with him at the White House after winning their championships. On the other hand, several teams and athletes have also taken Trump up on the offer to visit him.

White House snubs aside, Trump has sports friends in, Boston: particularly, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, head coach Bill Belichick. and team owner Robert Kraft. And speaking to his interviewer, Trump praised the three men for their repeated Super Bowl appearances in the past decade and a half.

“So, it’s talent, it’s chemistry — they have a great chemistry with each other — I mean, I like all three of them, as you know, I’m a very good friend with them.”

He was also quick to point out that he got an endorsement from Belichick when he was running for president.

“Coach Belichick endorsed me, you remember that?”

Trump was referring to a letter he received from the Pats’ coach back in November 2016, which as WBZ-TV in Boston reported at the time, endorsed the then-candidate.

“Hopefully tomorrow’s election results will give the opportunity to make America great again.”

Trump also has a love-hate relationship with Brady. The Hall of Fame-bound quarterback has been spotted with a “Make America Great Again” hat – the symbol of the Trump administration – in his locker, and Trump claims that Brady himself called him to endorse him.

“He called today and he said ‘Donald I support you, you’re my friend, and I voted for you.'”

Brady has, however, failed to turn up at the White House, something which has reportedly angered Trump.

As for Kraft, the Boston businessman is a lifelong Democrat, according to a January 24 Business Insider report, although he and Trump are still fast friends. So close is their relationship that Trump reportedly called Kraft every week for a year following the death of Kraft’s wife.

Meanwhile, Trump stopped short of revealing which team he would be supporting this Sunday, although he did admit that he “feels badly” about the blown non-call which cost the New Orleans Saints a shot at the Super Bowl and instead allowed the Los Angeles Rams to win the NFC title.