‘The Young And The Restless’: Mia’s Scissors Fantasy May Indicate Danger For Abby

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Recently on The Young and the Restless, newly engaged Abby Newman went to clear the air with her future sister-in-law Mia.

After Mia’s (Noemi Gonzalez) over-the-top behavior at Abby (Melissa Ordway) and Arturo’s (Jason Canela) engagement dinner, the bride-to-be decided to clear the air, according to a recent Inquisitr daily Y&R recap. At the dinner, Mia got drunk and said some truly rude things, so Abby wanted to apologize for Arturo proposing and Mia and Rey’s (Jordi Vilasuso) vow renewal ceremony. Unfortunately for Abby, the fact that Arturo proposed at all is the reason Mia is upset. Weeks ago, Mia admitted to Arturo that she wished she could have two husbands — Rey and Arturo.

Abby showed up at Mia and Rey’s house with an apology and some flowers. Mia insisted that Abby stay and get a wedding preview even though Abby said she has her own stylist. Mia felt Abby might change her mind once she saw Mia work her magic. Reluctantly Abby agreed, and as the future bride flipped through some style magazines, Mia worked on her hair.

Of course, during the process, Mia spaced out and fantasized about taking her sharp scissors and chopping off a huge hunk of Abby’s hair. When Abby noticed Mia was out of it, she asked the woman what was wrong. Mia snapped back to reality and hurriedly finished up Abby’s look and bundled her out of the apartment after thanking her insincerely for the apology and flowers.

After Abby left, Mia stared at her scissors in an incredibly worrisome way. In fact, it looked as if Rey’s wife was thinking about a whole lot more than a simple unsolicited haircut for Abby. It actually looked like Mia could be thinking about something far more sinister and dangerous for Abby’s future. Harming Arturo’s fiance would certainly be one way to get Abby out of the picture.

Mia has pouted, thrown a fit, and made it exceptionally clear that she does not like that Arturo got engaged. Mia claimed that Abby isn’t the woman for her brother-in-law. However, Mia has also made it obvious that she wants to keep Arturo for herself along with Rey. The way Mia appeared to be scheming with those sharp blades, there could be a crazy storyline in the near future which puts Abby’s life in danger and leaves Rey with the unenviable task of placing his own wife under arrest. That would certainly make for some sudsy daytime drama. With new head writer Josh Griffin’s writing appearing onscreen soon, who knows what direction things will take?