Spoilers For Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Julian Warns Willow And Kim Gets An Invitation From Drew

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday indicate that there will be a fair amount of attention spent on the ongoing baby swap storyline. Viewers are quite anxious for Michael to learn that “Wiley” is really Jonah, but that revelation will also come with a heartbreaking bombshell for Willow when she finds out that her biological son died. Where are things headed next?

Julian pressured Willow to move forward with the adoption placement after Brad desperately asked him for help, and Julian wanted her to stay away from Wiley, Brad, and Lucas. Now, however, she’s become close to Michael and she has been crossing paths with the family with some regularity. General Hospital spoilers via the Twitter sneak peek reveal that Julian will try to warn Willow that she needs to back off and keep her end of the deal.

While Willow may have thought agreeing to stay away from the baby was the right call at the time, she’s obviously struggling to do that now that she’s had some glimpses of his current life. In agreeing to the placement, she had also wanted Julian to agree to stay away from Wiley, and she may bring that up as he tries to pressure her in this upcoming discussion. From the looks of things, this could get a little intense.

According to She Knows Soaps, it seems that Julian will also talk with Brad during Wednesday’s show. Brad doesn’t know that Willow is Wiley’s real birth mother, and it doesn’t sound as if Julian will reveal this tidbit. However, it seems that Julian may try to warn Brad that he needs to keep his distance from Willow.

Michael will spend more time with the baby during Wednesday’s show and interestingly, he’ll be telling someone to keep his or her distance, too. Brad and Lucas will be having a discussion of sorts and General Hospital spoilers hint that there may be another twist or two on the horizon that could further complicate this storyline before it’s resolved.

Per a previous Inquisitr report, Wednesday’s show also brings fury from Ryan as he heads to Ferncliff after a phone call, and viewers are curious to see what’s coming up next with Kevin. Viewers will see Drew and Kim growing noticeably closer to one another, and there’s some action with Anna and Robert coming up during the January 30 show, too.

How will the truth finally emerge about Wiley being Jonah? Will Kim and Drew’s bonding over Oscar’s illness lead to a renewed romance between them? General Hospital spoilers hint that fans may not have to wait too much longer to see this baby swap storyline hit an implosion point, and viewers are ready to watch the chaos play out.