Top 10 Celebrity Patriots Fans

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The New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams are going head to head for the Vince Lombardi trophy tonight. The boys from Boston are used to being a part of the biggest night in football. They’ve won five Super Bowls and quarterback Tom Brady has been on the team each time alongside coach Bill Belichick. The Los Angeles Rams have only won once and that was almost 20 years ago.

But all that matters is what happens on the field tonight. Only one team will reign supreme and there are quite a few celebrities who’ll be hoping that Tom Brady and his teammates bring it home to Boston.

Here are 10 of the Patriots’ biggest celebrity fans, in no particular order:

1.) Conan O’Brien

The comedian and late-night host was born and raised in Boston, so there’s no surprise that he’s rooting for his home team.

It looks like his favorite player on the team is the star quarterback, Tom Brady, posted on Uproxx.

“I’ve watched every one of your games on TV. In fact, I’ve watched most of them on your TV from just outside your window,” he said in 2017 in a hilarious bit called “Love Letters to Tom Brady.”

He had Brady on his show in 2017 and they played video games together. But Brady isn’t the only Patriots player he’s had on, as Rob Gronkowski and James White have also appeared.

2.) Michael Chickliss

Actor Michael Chiklis loves the Patriots so much that he named his dog– an adorable little pug– after Tom Brady. In 2017, Chiklis told the Hollywood Reporter that Brady and his namesake have a similar approach to life.

“When TB pug wants to do his business he will scratch at the door until it opens,” he said. “My friend TB12, aka the GOAT, has that same laser focus. He’ll scratch and claw till he gets it done!”

He later lauded the Patriots’ overall team dynamic and called them “undeniably” one of the greats dynasties to ever exist in sport.

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3.) Chris Evans

That’s right, Captain America is a big Patriots fan. There’s a video of Evans flipping out during the team’s nail-biting comeback against the Atlanta Falcons in 2017.

Like a lot of the other celebrity fans on this list, Tom Brady is a big reason for their fandom.

“Tom’s up there man,” Evans said in 2017 during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel when he was asked who he loved more between the Patriots and Brady.

4.) Jon Bon Jovi

During the Patriots vs. Chargers game earlier this month, the entire stadium sang along to “Livin’ On A Prayer,” and Jon Bon Jovi was there singing with them, albeit inside the luxury box next to team owner Robert Kraft, who sang a couple lines as well. As Sports Illustrated reports, Bon Jovi and Patriots coach Bill Belichick have been friends since the 1980s and his “allegiance” to the Patriots began when Belichick got the coaching job back in the year 2000.

5.) Gisele Bundchen

Now this one is obvious given that she’s the wife of the quarterback but Bundchen doesn’t just sit quietly and watch her husband play, she really roots for him. There’s video evidence of her passionate support on display during the Patriots’ comeback Super Bowl win against the Falcons in 2017. But the legendary supermodel is from Brazil and they’re known for being hardcore soccer fanatics, so perhaps she channeling that into the support for her husband.

6.) Matt Damon

The Boston-born movie star has long been open about his allegiance to his hometown team. As reports, he once showed up for an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show dressed as Tom Brady. The Bourne Identity star also has a photo in which he’s wearing three Patriots Super Bowl rings.

In an interview with The Rich Eisen Show, he described the passion fans have for the team, as reported by

“Boston fans, we’re a little crazy, and we take this stuff very seriously.”

7.) Ben Affleck

As best friends and two guys who grew up in Massachusetts, it makes sense that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck would be big Patriots fans. As MSN reports, Affleck was so fired up during a 2016 interview about Deflategate with journalist Ben Simmons, he started swearing.

“It’s a f****ing ridiculous smear campaign,” Affleck said.

8.) Aly Raisman

The star gymnast and Olympic gold medalist was born and raised in Washington. She’s previously admitted that her father was the one who instilled a love of the Patriots from an early age.

“My dad has been a Patriots fan for his whole life, so from the moment I was born I knew about them,” she said in an interview featured on the team’s website. “They’re amazing; I think that goes without saying.”

9.) Elton John

Given that he’s not American, Elton John might be the most unlikely name on the list but MSN reports that the “Rocket Man” singer is a fan of the New England Patriots. He and owner Robert Kraft are friends and as Fox News reports, John was named an honorary team captain during a Patriots game in 2009 at Wembley Stadium in London.

10.) Mark Wahlberg

As reports, Wahlberg, a Boston native, is so close to Tom Brady that he got the quarterback to appear in his movie Ted 2. His passion for the team is so great that he’s been seen on the field during Super Bowl games and has been a guest in Robert Kraft’s luxury box.