Anthony Scaramucci Reveals He Had ‘Way More Fun’ In The ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ House Than In The White House


Anthony Scaramucci lasted about as long in the Big Brother house as he did in the White House, but he had a lot more fun doing it. The former White House communications director, who was fired by President Donald Trump in July of 2017 — after having worked for him for just 11 days — told TV Guide he “loved” his experience in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Scaramucci revealed that the sequestered celebrity house beat the White House by a lot, mostly due to the company he kept on the CBS reality show. “The Mooch” competed against Ryan Lochte, Dina Lohan, Natalie Eva Marie, Kato Kaelin, Joey Lawrence, Lolo Jones, Tom Green, Kandi Burruss, Tamar Braxton, Jonathan Bennett, and Ricky Williams in the Celebrity Big Brother game.

“I would say that I enjoyed the first 10 days of my White House stay, and I absolutely hated my 11th day. So that was a big bummer. If you took those 11 days and put them on a scale, I had way more fun in the Big Brother house.”

Scaramucci revealed that despite his short stint as a White House employee, it was “an honor” to serve the country. He also admitted that he was justly fired and he blames no one but himself. Still, his time with Trump did not compare with his time with Tamar.

“Of course, I had more fun in the Big Brother house because, I mean, you’re in the Big Brother house with Tamar Braxton. You know what I mean? She wasn’t in the White House with me! I mean, if she was in the White House, maybe it would’ve been more fun. You know what I’m saying?”

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Anthony Scaramucci revealed that the biggest negative of being holed up in the Celebrity Big Brother house was the food situation. But the former White House employee wasn’t talking about the Big Brother staple, slop. Instead, Scaramucci revealed that the celebs have access to an endless supply ofvery high quality, amazing food, junk food” and that they stand around and shovel food in their mouths all day. The Mooch also revealed that he is now a live feed-watching Big Brother superfan, despite not being familiar with the show before he agreed to sign on as a special guest for the celebrity edition of the long-running reality show.

Anthony Scaramucci was approached by Celebrity Big Brother producers to be part of a “Mooch twist” for season 2. The fake houseguest was part of a twist that had him planting clues for a first-ever second Power of Veto competition.

“Mooch’s Veto” was a memory game in which the remaining celebrity contestants were given a variety of headlines, some that were true and some that were “fake news.” The stars were tasked with recalling which lines the former White House communications director said on the show.

During his time on Celebrity Big Brother, Anthony Scaramucci did dish a little White House dirt. Early on, The Mooch admitted, “I got fired from the White House for using a few curse words. It is what it is.”

Anthony Scaramucci also revealed that he still talks to Donald Trump “probably once or twice a month” and “still gets along with the president,” although he admitted that he is the one who usually does the calling.

“A portion of the public probably dislikes me because of my Trump support, but I had a great time,” Scaramucci revealed.

You can see Anthony Scaramucci talking about Trump’s use of Twitter in the Celebrity Big Brother video below.

Celebrity Big Brother airs on CBS.